The Winners

India Digital Media Awards 2010

The objective of the Indian Digital Media Awards 2010 is to recognise, celebrate and encourage the work being done in the ever-growing digital space... specifically, internet, mobile, gaming and social media.



1. Best Use of Online Banner Advertising
Most creative traditional banners including HTML, GIF and Flash formats. This will also include text ads.

2. Best Use of Online Banner Advertising in Rich Media
Page-takeovers, expandable ads, floating ads, sidekick ads and any other form of rich media.

3. Best Microsite
Most innovative and creative microsite created to promote a cause, event, brand or company.

4. Best Corporate Site
Refreshingly innovative corporate site with a mix of great design, useability and content.

5. Best Website Debut
Website that launched in the year 2009 with a great mix of content, design and engagement techniques.

6. Best Web Portal of the Year
Web portals that have offered engaging content across genres such as news (politics sports etc), entertainment (music and videos) throughout the year. Examples:,,

7. Best News Site of the Year
News sites that have delivered accurate and topical news throughout the year as well as gone beyond just breaking news. Examples of news sites:,,


1. Best Gaming Site of the Year
Best overall gaming website that used the best technology, application along with a host of games across different genres and types.

2. Best In-game Advertising
Best use of advertising within Mobile, Internet and computer games as well as games for platforms such as Xbox and Playstations.

3. Best Use of Gaming as a tool for advertising
Best gaming developed to promote brands, causes or a company


1. Best Use of Email Marketing
Includes all works that have been distributed via email. (Plain text, HTML and / email containing rich media elements)

2. Best Use of Viral Marketing
Communication that have been specially developed to be distributed virally to a mass audience via the Internet. This may include films posted on YouTube and other social networking sites/ blogs/ microblogs.

3. Best Use of Mobile Advertising
Using mobile as a medium to effectively communicate the brand message, engaging consumers.

4. Best Mobile App
Best ‘app’ developed for the mobile platform (Regular and smartphones, iPhone, Blackberry) for a brand/ company/ event/ cause.


1. Best Use of Social Media
Engaging consumers with innovative use of social media platforms like Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, My Space, Twitter etc.

2. Best Blog of the Year
The best in blogging in India decided based on standard of content, quality of writing, regularity of updates, if it is influential and the overall design and usability of the blog/site.


1. Best Public Utility Site of the Year
Best website of a public utility service and/or e-governance effort (eg electric supply company, airline / railway/ bus/ car hire/ticketing provider, government website etc)

2. Best Use of Language in Online Advertising
Works that communicate creatively and effectively, the brand message in Hindi/regional languages using the standard script of the language (Example: in the case of Hindi, Devanagri)

3.Best Integrated Digital Campaign
Using at least two of the interactive mediums mentioned creatively and effectively – Online – (Email, Viral and Rich Media), Mobile and Gaming.


1. Best Digital Advertiser
The advertiser who has made the maximum, most effective and creative use of the digital medium in the year 2009.

2. Digital Agency of the Year
The digital/ creative agency/ organisation that won the maximum awards Sections A-E of IDMA 2010

3. Digital Entrepreneur of the Year
A special award that recognises the excellence of an entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs who has/have excelled in 2009.

4. Digital Person of the Year
A special award that recognises the excellence of an individual who has contributed immensely to the industry in 2009.