Guest Column

Guest Column: Words are now supplementary to visual imagery

By Snehasis Bose | 2017/Aug/14

Brand messages looking to have engaging conversations with the average 8-second attention span brain, being visually intelligent is not a choice but a critical necessity.

Guest Column: Content Marketing- Making the king a humble servant: Neena Dasgupta, Zirca Digital Solutions

By Neena Dasgupta | 2017/Aug/09

The evolution of digital really is the evolution of human ambition and enterprise, says Dasgupta

Guest Column: The metaphor that launched a $100 bn company: Jaykumar Hariharan, Executive Coach & Speaker

By Jaykumar Hariharan | 2017/Aug/07

Leaders must convey meaning and have the ability to evoke emotions and connect dots—and metaphors do just that, believes Hariharan

Guest Column: Basics of choosing the right influencer for your marketing

By Abhishek Gupta | 2017/Aug/03

Consolidate budgets and utilise them for a Class A, subject expert influencer, which will lend the asset or engagement a greater lifetime value, says Abhishek Gupta, Founder and CEO of Sterling AG

Guest Column: Contemporary businesses cannot avoid the power of ad networking: Ashish Bahukhandi, CEO, AppsDiscover Technologies

By Ashish Bahukhandi | 2017/Aug/02

Mobile Application Promotion, Value Added Services Promotion and Subscription Based Products Promotions are the key responsibilities of an ad networking agency towards its valued clients, says Bahukhandi

Guest Column: Leverage social influencers in your crisis management plan: Varun Tyagi, Qoruz

By Varun Tyagi | 2017/Aug/02

Mitigate adversaries with information and transparency in times of crisis, says Tyagi

Guest Column: Marketing outreach through mobile traffic is the need of the hour: Rohit K Singh, VP, AppsDiscover Technologies

By Rohit K Singh | 2017/Aug/01

Marketers should be aware of the new tools like geo-mapping, QR codes, AR and use it to their advantage on not just mobile phones and tablets but also wearable technology

Guest Column: Can a brand be an antidote to student stress?

By Prof. Anand Narasimha, Surekha Shetty | 2017/Aug/01

NCRB data reveals that close to 40,000 students in India committed stress-related suicide from 2011 to 2015, with 8,934 cases in 2015 alone. Are brands doing their bit for the stressed out youth?

Guest Column: Key takeaways from the IAA CEO Tech Tour in Israel: Janak Sarda, Deshdoot Media Group

By Janak Sarda | 2017/Jul/31

The idea of organising the CEO Tech Tour took shape when Pradeep Guha was the President of IAA India Chapter

Guest Column: Influencer Marketers, the new age brand ambassadors: Mitchelle Carvalho, Cogmat

By Mitchelle Carvalho | 2017/Jul/29

A study by MarketingLand suggests that 90% of buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

Guest Column: Impact of GST on Digital Advertising: Nitin Gupta, Xapads Media

By Nitin Gupta | 2017/Jul/26

After GST, the overall ad share of the digital media is expected to reach 24 percent by 2020, means 100 percent more (double) to its contribution in the Pre-GST era

Guest Column: The Four Faces of a CEO: Piyush Sharma

By Piyush Sharma | 2017/Jul/25

Piyush Sharma, former CEO – New Initiatives, ZEEL, dissects monomyths and talks about the various driving forces that make people eligible for C-suite roles

Guest Column: Content Marketing is the next wave in the communication space: Ritesh Singh, #ARM Worldwide

By Ritesh Singh | 2017/Jul/25

Content Marketing is the new wave of disruption in global business market, says Singh

Guest Column: Optimising Brand Architecture with the 4Fingers™ Method

By Prabhakar Tiwari | 2017/Jul/24

The method is a systematic approach to undo the effects of historic neglect to integrate brands or strategically manage them as a portfolio of long-term assets in any business

Guest Column: Sex, Celebrities, And finally a third: Arko Provo Bose, Group Creative Director, Lowe Lintas

By Arko Provo Bose | 2017/Jul/17

Topicality is getting audiences to tune in from the word go, says Arko Provo Bose

Guest Column: Future of journalism in the age of new media: Meha Jayaswal, Pearl Academy

By Meha Jayaswal | 2017/Jul/17

Digital has changed the way one consumes news today, hence journalism and mass media colleges must bring their curriculum up to speed, says Meha Jayaswal, Area Head, School of Media & Journalism, Pearl Academy

Guest Column: The power of reframing in order to stay relevant: Jaykumar Hariharan, Executive Coach

By Jay Kumar Hariharan | 2017/Jul/15

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, says Hariharan

Guest Column: Weekend programming will undergo a lot of changes in the next 5-10 years: Sunjoy Waddhwa

By Sunjoy Waddhwa | 2017/Jul/13

Sunjoy Waddhwa, CMD, Sphereorigins Multivision, talks about his fascinating voyage in television production and the challenges he overcame

Guest Column: Seven ways to promote your Mobile App for free: Ignasi Prat, CMO, Tappx

By Ignasi Prat | 2017/Jul/12

Prat provides some top recommendations for increasing app download rates in order to stand out in a busy and competitive app marketplace

Guest Column: 'Generation Swipe' and the future of online media: Parul Sharma

By Parul Sharma | 2017/Jul/12

It would be foolhardy for traditional media to ignore the meteoric rise of the digital space and the rate of news consumption by the young, says Parul Sharma, Head of Corporate and Marketing Communication, Star India