Guest Column

Guest Column: Rungs on the corporate ladder aren't lines on your CV: Lindsay Pattison

By Lindsay Pattison | 2016/Sep/20

Lindsay Pattison, Global CEO Maxus, writes about what a woman should keep in mind while climbing the corporate ladder

Guest Column: Five PR lessons from GST Bill: Anup Sharma

By Anup Sharma | 2016/Sep/15

What can Communications professionals learn from the GST Bill? Strategic Communications Consultant Anup Sharma lists down five Public Relations lessons from the GST Bill

Guest Column: Regional content is extremely hot, and the reasons are obvious- Deepa Balasubramanian

By Deepa Balasubramanian | 2016/Sep/14

Regional Content has clearly set the tone for decreased barriers when it comes to the language part. People who do not know how to read or speak English can now look forward to indulging online in their native language, writes author Deepa Balasubramanian

Guest Column: Is Augmented Reality only for collaborative gaming? – Santanu Ghatak, Ziox Mobiles

By exchange4media News Service | 2016/Sep/09

PokemonGo is officially not a fad but here to stay. With millennials entering the new target audience segments, anything with a cute creature is here to stay, writes Santanu Ghatak, Senior Manager – Marketing, Ziox Mobiles

Guest Column: India can become an Olympic Super Power in Tokyo 2020: S Yesudas, triggerbridge

By S Yesudas | 2016/Aug/29

Rio Olympics, in comparison to the events in the past, gathered many additional eyeballs and some real attention in India. We can be rest assured that the interest in Tokyo 2020 would be much bigger, predicts S Yesudas, Managing Director, triggerbridge

Guest Column: Rising appetite for content redefining marketing objectives: Shailja Varghese, Brand New Media

By Shailja Varghese | 2016/Aug/17

With content being served through various screens, the very fabric, which kept the consumers together, was broken into ‘my entertainment’ from ‘our entertainment’. Marketers started to feel the pressure of this approach and started to evolve, writes Shailja Varghese, Head-Content Solutions, Brand New Media

Guest column: GST and what it bodes for E-comm: Hammad Khan, WYP

By Hammad Khan | 2016/Aug/05

There are many more benefits though for the business class but it’s hard to define them with the current state of exclusions and exceptions to GST. Ease of doing intra-state businesses, lower CAPEX, simpler tax calculations, more transparency, all sound great but the businesses will bloom or flounder on what the magic rate would be, writes Hammad Khan, Director – Technology and Servicing, What’s Your Problem

Guest Column: Combating ad blocking: Atique Kazi, Xaxis

By Atique Kazi | 2016/Aug/04

The question for the developing world’s digital industry is whether it can avoid repeating the mistakes of the recent past and find a way to deliver an effective and user-centric experience to these new consumers from day one, writes Atique Kazi, Director, India at Xaxis

Guest Column: What's the script after her tears?-Ekta Relan, Mullen Lintas

By Ekta Relan | 2016/Jul/27

Coming out of closet, prejudices of being like a girl, the freedom of 'My choice', narrative on rapes, discrimination during periods, at work place or for your looks etc. are attention grabbing issues, worth raising through persuasive narratives. But essentially they end with just storytelling

Guest Column: Your Brand is spending too much on 'Non Engaging' Media-Vineet Singh Hukmani, Radio One

By Vineet Singh Hukmani | 2016/Jul/26

The customer has changed drastically. They respond less to ‘STATIC’ media and more to fluid live conversations across day parts. There is no PRIME TIME for them - a dated concept that exists only in media owner’s minds and in MEDIA memory based on past trends writes Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD & CEO, Next Radio Ltd ( 94.3 Radio One)

Guest Column: Of Deadlines and Headlines-B N Kumar

By exchange4media News Service | 2016/Jul/18

It is important for clients to understand the functioning of media which has been rapidly changing. Cut throat competition and the race for TRPs and breaking news have made the lives of journalists miserable. They function out of fear, always – the fear of missing their deadlines and the fear of competition scoring, writes B N Kumar, Executive Director -Concept PR

Guest Column: Decision Making and Managing Change, Lessons from a Rock Star--Jay Kumar Hariharan

By Jay Kumar Hariharan | 2016/Jul/11

What could the Lead singer of a Rock band teach us about decision making and managing change? Jay Kumar Hariharan, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and CEO –Blue Fire Coaching Consultants writes about the connect, read on

Guest Column: Inside the jury room and how to win at Cannes: Shailja Varghese, Brand New Media

By Shailja Varghese | 2016/Jul/09

In the second part of 'How content can become culture?' Shailja Varghese writes on 'Inside the jury room and how to win at Cannes'

Guest Column: Inclusive advertising: Possibilities of the future

By Samir Chaudhary | 2016/Jul/09

The future will see more adverts provide customers with immersive experiences and seamlessly merge augmented reality and virtual reality, to provide visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experiences to reinforce customer decision making- writes Samir Chaudhary, Co-Founder, The Media Ant

Guest Column: It takes two to tango- Jeremy Caplin, CEO, Aprais Worldwide

By Jeremy Caplin | 2016/Jul/06

Collaboration pays. The more collaborative the agency, the greater the benefits, but clients must remember that they too must be prepared to play their part in this, writes Jeremy Caplin, CEO, Aprais Worldwide

Guest Column: First exclusive interviews are given to anchors who command viewership: Arnab Goswami

By Arnab Goswami | 2016/Jul/04

Across the world, the first exclusive interviews are given to anchors and channels who command viewership. Not to those who nobody watches, writes Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief, Times Now.

Guest Column: We need to represent ourselves as India at Cannes; let there be Virats & Dhonis: Santosh Padhi,Taproot Dentsu

By Santosh Padhi | 2016/Jul/01

Santosh Padhi, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder at Taproot Dentsu shares his observations from Cannes this year, he urges fellow creatives to get into that elusive 10% of metals winning Golds and Grand Prixs and stretch themselves to go beyond the brief to achieve excellence

Guest Column: Takeaways from the Lions Entertainment Jury: Shailja Varghese, Brand New Media

By Shailja Varghese | 2016/Jun/30

Branded content has gone through a paradigm shift and it’s about finding the spot, which intercedes between brand purpose and consumer needs, to create contextual storytelling, which will lead to conversations and a behavioural change, writes Shailja Varghese, Head Content Solutions, Brand New Media

Guest Column: Analytics, big data with responsible selling emerge key trends in PR: Valerie Pinto, Weber Shandwick

By exchange4media News Service | 2016/Jun/29

The use of big data and analytics, the need to engage with different departments within the company in a communication program like research and development, and the use of new technology for story telling is the future of PR, writes Valerie Pinto, CEO, Weber Shandwick

Guest Column: Instant Media-- Constant Challenge: B N Kumar, Concept PR

By B N Kumar | 2016/Jun/25

It is just not enough to use the modern communication tools for spreading messages. It is much more important to keep an eye on what others do with those tools since negative postings get picked up and spread faster than forest fire, writes B N Kumar, Executive Director of Concept PR & National President, PRCI.