Guest Column

Guest Column: Social media now more about value than volume: Ashish Bahukhandi, AppsDiscover Technologies

By Ashish Bahukhandi | 2017/May/25

Social media is definitely the blue-eyed boy for today’s advertisers and media planners, feels Bahukhandi

Guest column: SMAC boosts customer base, brand value, reach and presence: Ashu Kajekar, CEO and Founder, 7EDGE

By Ashu Kajekar | 2017/May/23

Kajekar talks about how SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) is transforming digital advertising and marketing

Guest Column: Interactive marketing can be up to 12 times more productive than direct marketing: Ambika Sharma, Pulp Strategy

By Ambika Sharma | 2017/May/23

Ambika Sharma, Founder and MD, Pulp Strategy, gives the low-down on the most sought after strategy

Guest Column: Native advertising can increase brand lift by as much as 82%: Nikita Veerabhadraiah

By Nikita Veerabhadraiah | 2017/May/22

Nikita Veerabhadraiah, Senior Associate, Marketing and Communication, GreedyGame, talks about how switching to native ads can help retain loyal customers

Guest Column: How not to let Consumer Engagement turn into entertainment: Sriharsh Grandhe, EVP, LinEngage

By Sriharsh Grandhe | 2017/May/18

How did a sophisticated and mature science like Consumer Engagement, which itself is quite a vast subject, take a not-so-good turn?, mulls Grandhe

Guest Column: The fast and the frustrated- can marketers catch up with millennials?: Pooja Verma, Head - Content, ESP, Maxus

By Pooja Verma | 2017/May/17

Building loyalty with millennials is about getting them to care about your brand story with meaningful and authentic stories, says Verma

Guest Column: Understanding the Tamil GEC space in South regional market

By Venugopal Nair | 2017/May/15

Dubbed Hindi Fiction is disrupting the southern market and broadcasters can turn it to their advantage if they stay alert, says Venugopal Nair, Senior Media Personnel and formerly, Sr Vice President, Polimer TV

Guest column: The time is ripe to fortify rural India's connect with digital: Sunil Munshi, CEO-India, Denave India

By exchange4media News Service | 2017/May/13

Munshi talks about digitisation and the emergence of opportunities in the rural landscape

Guest Column: If you're taking digital seriously, then hire an agency whose DNA is digital: Ayesha Chenoy

By Ayesha Chenoy | 2017/May/12

Digital is a powerful medium, take it seriously, says the RepIndia Founder and CEO

Guest Column: Corporate Social Responsibility: An obligation or a brand custodian?

By Nandini Nayyar | 2017/May/11

Making CSR a brand custodian is a safe investment for long-term financial and social sustainability, says Nandini Nayyar, AVP, InDeed

Guest column: 6 most common mistakes people make with outdoor advertising: Alok Gupta, Director, Graphisads

By exchange4media News Service | 2017/May/06

From replicating the print ad for outdoor to focusing on only one popular media opportunity, Gupta debunks 6 popular myths about outdoor advertising

Guest Column: Unraveling Header Bidding, Programmatic's Top Trend for 2017: Dharika Merchant, AndBeyond.Media

By Dharika Merchant | 2017/May/04

Header bidding is an improved way for publishers to hold auctions, enabling advertisers to vie for premium publisher inventory – both reserved, and unreserved

Guest column: Vigilantes mix up nationalism-patriotism with politics of power: John Thomas on World Press Freedom Day

By exchange4media News Service | 2017/May/04

Thomas, a media watcher and trainer in Bengaluru, speaks on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day

Guest Column: The native has arrived, but we are far from home: Rameet Arora

By Rameet Arora | 2017/May/02

The ad man turned marketer and a successful digital immigrant, currently with HT Media, opines that native content is marketing, not disguised editorial

Guest Column: Conventional advertising not as diffusive, disruptive, and decisive as digital advertising: Nitin Gupta, Xapads Media

By Nitin Gupta | 2017/May/02

Today, even a naïve marketer knows that none of the conventional advertising formats are as diffusive, disruptive, and decisive as digital advertising, observes Gupta

Guest Column: A brand must stay relevant to the consumer: Lisa Mukhedkar, Restore

By Lisa Mukhedkar | 2017/May/01

Branding is ultimately about creating a lasting impression and a relationship with the consumer, feels Mukhedkar

Guest Column: Online Video Marketing will have a phenomenal 2017: Sahil Chopra, iCubesWire

By Sahil Chopra | 2017/Apr/26

A recent Forbes study shows 90% of marketing respondents prefer to incorporate video in their campaigns, points out Sahil Chopra

Guest Column: Brands must listen well to avoid blunders, quixotic or otherwise: Shoebahmed Shaikh, Director - South, Ideosphere Consulting

By Shoebahmed Shaikh | 2017/Apr/21

If you listen, chances are that you will be able to say the right things, believes Shaikh

Guest Column: An insight is a powerful, long-term source of brand growth: Paddy Rangappa

By Paddy Rangappa | 2017/Apr/21

The right insight can shape your brand’s strategy and help it to make a subtle emotional connection with its consumers, thereby increasing its mental availability, says Rangappa