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How do you define the Indian youth and what attracts them the most?
Shamik Sengupta, Creative Director, Fortune Communications Hanoz Mogrelia, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Anu J, Creative Director, Creativeland Asia Nilesh Vaidya, Creative Director, Euro RSCG India


90 per cent scam!!!!!!!!!!, says: Arundhati, Lowe
4/2/2008 11:50:33 AM

I haven't heard most of them, says: Tara, O&M
4/2/2008 12:49:33 PM

my take is that both these gentlemen and their agencies are among the list of awardees! why would they shower praises otherwise, says: sandeep, Thinkahead communication
4/3/2008 5:43:45 PM

Goafest is being selective with entries so much so that in some categories there are no nominations. and that's great. but then why in category 10 'business and home services' they have shortlisted is that really creative??, says: Vasudha, DraftFCBUlka
4/4/2008 1:03:24 PM

"Does McCann and Lowe's non-participation in Abbys make a difference?"

3/20/2008 9:47:56 PM

SAD. We think no end of ourselves and criticise all as though we are divine. But what claim to divinity is this when we never can outreach beyond our stifling egos, and be a fraternity known for GENUINE brotherhood and unity., says: Jayanta Sircar, R K SWAMY BBDO
3/21/2008 12:03:08 PM

Dudes forget Lowe-McCann deal. D comptiton is hot widout em as wel. I hear JWT Nike entry wasnt even accptd on sum stupid grnd - imagine if al were there!, says: Robin, Bates
3/24/2008 11:22:02 AM

The question is will GoaFest miss the presence of McCann and Lowe? I dun think so..., says: tanveer, khan
3/24/2008 9:40:37 PM

It does because it reflects the fact that we are not a mature body worthy of calling ourselves communication consultants. Why should we be a fractuous body of adults who cannot handle dissent by staying under the same roof. Awards make no sense if we cannot handle fundamentals that separate the child from the adult., says: Jayanta Sircar, R K SWAMY BBDO
3/25/2008 11:40:01 AM

When u r at Goa, who is there matters - not who isn't there, says: Kevin, Bright Advertising
3/25/2008 1:23:21 PM

Lowe n McCann r cumin guys - wat d hell!, says: Yasmeen, Valecha Advertising
3/26/2008 10:24:48 AM

Without Mccann and Lowe the Abby's is definitely and regretfully incomplete. It's sad that agencies of this stature don't care about the industry..., says: Pascal , Central Advt. Agency/Investments
3/26/2008 6:57:30 PM

Wow, man! Cool site! Good Luck!, says: lasmiva,
3/26/2008 8:35:30 PM

If guys like Balki and Prasoon wont grow up, wat else can be expected from the juniors in the industry., says: Asha Kapoor, Ogilvy
3/27/2008 11:18:02 AM

F*** them - who ever is there, HAVE FUN, says: Niraj, Sudler & Hennessy
3/27/2008 6:10:12 PM

Why are u guys concentrating on ppl who aint there - O&M is there, JWT is there, Leo, Mudra.... talk about those... Where is your spirit of positiveness??, says: Seema Rathore, Fountain Head
3/27/2008 9:25:15 PM

We, media sellers buzz around all the agencies and have friends everywhere.So particularly when we see a drift there,we miss the ice on the top of the cake. However as an event it may not create much differences, but, IS IT NOT THAT IT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED ?, says: Sumanto Mukherjee, Deccan Chronicle
3/28/2008 10:55:44 AM

Hey - Lowe and McCann is not participating in the Abby Awards -- they are coming for GoaFest - Balki too there, says: Ritesh, Tata Chemicals
3/28/2008 3:24:50 PM

Hey - at least Lowe and McCann guys wont be sitting biting their nails on the D-Day!, says: Sohan , Laqshya
3/28/2008 3:30:09 PM

it would have been nice if Macann & lowe would have participated . The body of work would be better . However if they are not present it is thier loss and people would not be exposed to thier good work . IT WOULD NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE TO THE FESTIVAL . , says: RAKESK , IKON plus
3/29/2008 1:44:00 PM

Any awards are a great platform for an industry to push boundaries. It is the loss of the company that excludes itself, says: Jignesh Maniar, ON Ads
3/29/2008 2:50:34 PM

Hey guys, Balki is a speaker at the Advertising Conclave - you should ask him there on his reasons, says: Tarun, JWT
3/30/2008 2:49:44 PM

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