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How do you define the Indian youth and what attracts them the most?
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Bobby Pawar, CCO, Mudra

In conversation with Rishi Vora. Excerpts...

How is it celebrating advertising in Goa?
I guess the hangovers are more tolerable when you are living on a great beach or near one. Seriously now, what this event can do is bring the industry together. A one-night award shows all too often are just about who won what, people come as part of their agency gang and leave as one. At Goafest they have the time, space and a festive mood that helps them bond over the thing that lured most of us into this biz in the first place, which is for producing great work.

Do you think the event has set international standards, good enough to be recognised as an Asia wide event?
One stone doesn't make a Laal Killa; you know what I'm saying? We are at the beginning of something here and how it will go depends on the work we do in terms of evolving it. One step in the right direction is getting more and bigger global stars at the event. Cannes is big for that reason. But ultimately how big the show becomes, depends on all of us- the practitioners of the craft. If we produce some of the best thinking in the world, the other guys would want to compete with us in our own nukkad.

How do you think this year’s event is different from last year and since the time it was launched?
It's obvious innit. Everybody has made nice now. There's just one award show. The categories are great because it’s not just about traditional work. And the list guest speakers’ is impressive. That's all to the good.

Apart from coming together of AAAI and Ad Club for hosting one single event, what do you think are the key changes that the industry has seen say over a period of one year?
To be perfectly honest I don't know. I have been maybe a bit too obsessed with the changes at Mudra. That or the new and interesting escapades of my two and half year old diva/item girl/maharani/grandmother.

What areas according to you needs due consideration? What do you think the industry is doing about it?
Are we getting really good at judging execution and not paying enough attention to the thinking? Shouldn't conversations about the strategy also be part of the process? After all most of the greatest work we've ever seen started with a brilliant start idea.

Another thing, we need to reward ideas that are 'media multi-taskers', because guess what, our consumers are going that way. The new ambient and interactive categories are a start. I would like to see that get bigger and broader in its scope and imagination.

What difference do you think it makes to the young creative minds of the country?
Get the young-guns to think solutions first and executions later. Baba- and- baby-log, you can't just be brilliant once, you have to double or quit.

If you were to select the campaign of the year award, which one would it be and why?

My opinion is that this should remain just that - my opinion. Lol!!!


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