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How do you define the Indian youth and what attracts them the most?
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K V Sridhar,
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KV Sridhar, NCD, Leo Burnett:

In conversation with Rishi Vora. Excerpts...

How is it celebrating advertising in Goa?

Very good. GoaFest is a true festival format, and truly celebrates Indian advertising, by not just giving away creative awards but also by bringing in creative legends from all over world for seminars.

 Do you think the event has set international standards, good enough to be recognised as an Asia wide event?

Certainly, better than Spikes and as good as AdFest. But than AdFest and Spikes are regional festivals while GoaFest is just an Indian (With little stretch south Asia) festival.

How do you think this year’s event is different from last year and since the time it was launched?

I hope it would be the same. Only difference would be the Abby awards at GoaFest. On a serious note last two years GoaFest did 9 out of 10 right, while Ad club got 9 out of 10 wrong. And I wish combine show to get 10 out of 10 right.

Apart from coming together of AAAI and Ad Club for hosting one single event, what do you think are the key changes that the industry has seen say over a period of one year?

This is the biggest thing as far as awards are concern. Other healthy trend is creatives becoming chairman of agencies, now we already have half a dozen of them, Piyush at O&M, Prasoon at McCann, Balki at Lowe, Sonal at Bates, Josy at BBDO and Thomas Xavier at Orchard.

What areas according to you needs due consideration? What do you think the industry is doing about it?

Agency compensation, I think requires due consideration. Good agencies are undercutting when they actually should charge premium, and while this is happening, the Industry is busy manipulating agency rankings at different surveys.

 What difference do you think it makes to the young creative minds of the country?

I believe the best should automatically be the richest, which would be the motivation to the younger ones. 

 If you were to select a 360 degree campaign- as the campaign of the year, then which one would it be and why?

Lead India by far the best the country have ever produced. The Idea and execution both are big only TOI with its might and vision could pull it off.


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