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How do you define the Indian youth and what attracts them the most?
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Agnello Dias, NCD, JWT:

In conversation with Tasneem Limbdiwala. Excerpts...

1. How is it celebrating advertising in Goa?

I have personally understood the hoopla about a geographical location making one festival any better than the other. But I guess the sensory cues that some places have make it 'feel' more like a festival than the other. In that respect, Goa is probably the best bet we have.

2. Do you think the event has set international standards, good enough to be recognised as an Asia wide event?

To be honest, it first has to become a truly India wide event before even thinking of Asia. So in that respect, a united India award show this year is at least a start. Hopefully it can go on to become an Asia wide event soon.

3. How do you think this year’s event is different from last year and since the time it was launched?

I guess, the biggest difference is that this time, it seems like the two big entities have come together for a greater common good, and this apparently is the biggest difference I can think of.

4. Apart from coming together of AAAI and Ad Club for hosting one single event, what do you think are the key changes that the industry has seen say over a period of one year?

I think there is a tremendous growth in communication beyond the traditional media of TV, print and outdoor to television content, PR, events and shows etc. Today you can actually do a national launch without TV, print and outdoor.

5. What areas according to you needs due consideration? What do you think the industry is doing about it?

I think we have to get above petty differences and insecurities that our competitive nature's bring about and look at the shows as a celebration of all that transpired through the year. To me one clear benefit of such events is to see so much work happening together in one place at one time.

6. What difference do you think it makes to the young creative minds of the country?

A lot of difference! At least it seems from the angst and ecstasy this results in even to the biggest players. Nobody's immune apparently.

7. If you were to select one 360 degree campaign, as the campaign of the year, which one would it be and why?

I'm sorry I cannot answer that right now. May be, after the show!


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