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 FRAMES showcases Indo-US co-production Ladies Coupé
 Mumbai March 16, 2003
 Noor Fathima Warsia

Ladies Coupé, an Indo-US co-production is the first proof of the fact that FICCI FRAMES is an ideal platform to lead to fruitful business propositions. The co production is between Castle Peak Pictures and Quixotic. The base of this joint venture was laid at FICCI FRAMES 2003.

"Asian Movie Works' Scott Rosenberg met me at FRAMES and met Mark Byers as well and then after some dialogue, all of us got together and we knew that we wanted to pool in resources to get a co-production going," says Jeetu Chawla, Castle Peak Pictures,

"The key was to get something that suited the local Indian market and the international sensibilities and when I read Anita Nair's 'Ladies Coupé', I knew this is it. I passed it on to Mark and that is what he thought as well," Chawla says.

Mark Byers, Quixotic explains, "In our case, the process began backwards and that was unique and refreshing about the whole deal. First, the relationship was in place, and then the search and final zeroing in of the project took place. The idea was to bring together our talents and build on it."

The project is funded equally by both partners. While there will be an Indian screenplay, there is an American director. The star cast would include both Indian and American talents. A co-production of this nature also implies various legalities to be put in place. So where many details are in black and white, many others have to be still finalised.

Representing FICCI, Prashant Laxmeshwar expresses, "FRAMES is all about opportunities and this is one specific example that proves the worth of this platform. We have taken this forward and we introduced online opportunities this year, where for film funding projects can be pitched online to potential business people."