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 Jadoo Works bags top BAF award for 'All Out Coil'
 Mumbai March 16, 2003
 Anusha S

The entire animation industry was elated last night with FICCI presenting the Frames 'Best of Animation' (BAF) Awards. This was the first of its kind designed for the evolving animation industry.

Inaugurating the awards ceremony, Dr Amit Mitra, Secretary General, FICCI, applauded the efforts of the Indian animation industry and said that India produces 4,000 animated characters and the requirement is likely to go up to 30,000 characters within the next three-four years.

Ashish Kulkarni, COO, Jadoo Works Pvt Ltd, and member of the FICCI Entertainment Committee, welcomed Andy Bird, President, Walt Disney International, who was the Guest of Honour for the awards evening.

FICCI-BAF awards presented by IBM-Shaf Broadcast Pvt Ltd had two rounds of jury screening the nominations. In the first round the jury selected four nominations in each category and the final jury selected one from each category. There were in all four awards between the four categories. There were two special jury awards constituted for extraordinary work in the field of animation and a Life Time Achievement Award and a special award for the contribution made to the industry for promoting the industry.

The jury comprised Govind Nihalani, Nina Sabnani, Head Creative, NID, Don Pero of Canada, Margaret Donald, Mallard Media of Scotland, and Bob Last, Ink Animation of Scotland.

Nihalani presented the Special Jury awards category. This category had two awards and Meenakshi Vinay Rai bagged the award for the production of 'SpanDan'. The second award went to Toonz Animation for the production of 'Adventures of Hanuman'.

ManMohan Shetty was asked to present the Life Time Achievement Award and a citation. None other than the Father of Indian Animation Ram Mohan bagged the award. Ram Mohan has been involved with the industry for the last 25 years and has worked towards the promotion of this industry both globally as well as on the domestic shores. He has so far taught over 3,000 and is considered the legend of Indian animation.

After accepting the award, Ram Mohan said, "I am honoured to receive this award". He thanked FICCI for the honour conferred upon him and sharing the award with the entire industry, he said, "Indian animation has finally moved to the centre-stage and has found a place within the Indian entertainment industry".

FICCI BAF also conferred a special award upon Joan Vogelesang of Canadian firm Toon Boon Technology for the promotion of Indian animation in the global arena. Quentin Stae-polet of IBM presented the award. Unfortunately she was not present to accept the award. A member of the Canadian Business delegation accepted the award on her behalf.

Talking about the awards, the industry professionals were happy that something like this was being started for the animation industry. Raj Gopal Iyer, Senior Marketing Manager, Jadooworks, said, "The timing is right for an award such as this as the industry is also slowly and steadily evolving".

Sabnani said, "It is an excellent effort put forth by FICCI." But, she felt that some lead-time should have been given to the animators to present their work.

Agreeing with her was Bhiren Ghosh, CEO, Animation Bridge. He said, "It is an excellent step taken by FICCI but if good quality content needs to enter the awards then it requires enough lead time to work on it".

He said that if good lead time is given then there would be producers who would specially making films for the awards and there would be lot more nominations.

Ram Mohan felt that a step in this direction is certainly good for the business of animation. He said that it is good from content, networking and learning point of view.

He also said that the awards are a good step in getting the young animators motivated and involved.

List of the awards and the award winners:

The Awards Category

Category 1: 'Best Animated Advertising Film'.

The nominations for these awards were

Illusion Films for an ad on Human Foetus.
Jadoo Works Pvt Ltd for 'All Out Pluggie'.
Famous Studios for 'Ponga for Ponga shui' and Jadooworks for 'All Out Coil'.

Jadoo Works bagged the award for 'All Out Coil'. The award was presented by Amit Khanna, Chairman, Reliance Entertainment

Category 2: Short Film Category by Student

The nominations were:

'Unttled' by NID.
'Pudcha Varshi Lavkar Ya', by NID
'Bheeru No.1' by NID
'Who is Fishing' by Manotosh Mitra.

Prashant of NID bagged the award for 'Pudcha Varshi Lavkar Ya'.

Ram Mohan, the Father of Indian Animation, gave the award away.

Category 3: Best Animated Episode

The nominations were

'Delta State' by DQ Entertainment.
'Picture Perfect' by Crest Communication.
'Silver wings' by DQ Entertainment.
'Hoze Houndz' by DQ Entertainment.

DQ Entertainment bagged the award for Delta State

Suresh of Shaf presented the award to the winner

Category 4: Short Film Category by Studios--Professional

The nominations were:

'Raju & I' by Animagic Spl Effects.
'Multi Coloured Jackal' by Jadoo Works.
'Respiration: The Noble Truth-Sasana International'.
'Pay Back-Future Thought'.

The award went to 'Raju &I' by Animagic Spl Effects.
Dr Arindham Choudhary presented the award to the winner.