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I have never quite fancied myself to be behind the scene. You do a particular thing and do it well then do own up and say that you have done it. It does not amount to shouting but yes you are sure of one thing that you are not taking any false credit. Come forward, do things well and then be in the forefront.

It was on 1st March, 1998, seven years back, that I joined the Ad Club as an "Executive Secretary" in charge of the Ad Club Secretariat. I was sure that my assignment was going to be much different than the one I handled at The Baroda Rayon Corp. Ltd or Castrol India Ltd my earlier employers. As it turned out my job responsibilities have not only matched the ones given to understand in my three interviews conducted before joining the Ad Club but they have only in a couple of years of my joining far exceeded them. The Designation thus changed from an "Executive Secretary" to a "Manager" and then to a "General Manager" in a few years.

The Club had encountered a turnover problem at the Secretariat especially at the senior level. People had come in and gone as transit passengers as a result of which work remained undone and incomplete. Thus compliance of some statutory requirements was also to be done.

The Club wanted to procure documents like the Charity Commissioners Certificate, Society Registration Certificate, Shops and Establishment liscence urgently. It was achieved. In fact procurement of the first two documents was put in as a pre-condition for us to get the all important Income Tax Exemption Certificate which followed. The Club required Computerization, Software Packages for Membership and Accounts, introduction of effective Internal Administrative Control measures and efficiency levels at the Secretariat to go up. All is in place.

The Managing committee consists of 13 members and 3 who can be co-opted. The best known communicators are on board thus and opportunity to work with the best. It is always a learning to listen to them at the monthly Mancom meetings. Moreover since they work in an honorary capacity the running of the Club on a day to day basis is entrusted to the Chief at the Secretariat. Hence I enjoy the freedom. In fact the enthusiasm and zeal to do things on your own is very high. The Mancom if approached willingly guides but I like to take initiative and do things differently.

I am happy to state that most of my suggestions have not only been appreciated but implemented. I have never kept myself occupied with work of a routine nature but tried to do different things and more importantly do existing things differently. I do not quite believe in pestering the seniors with phone calls and questions but in activating the process and use a solution oriented approach. Do not get stuck up use your resourcefulness and march ahead has been the mantra.

Thus you have to find Sponsors, deal with the press at all the events, co-ordinate with the speakers, at times line up Speakers for the workshop, aid in planning out the entire calander of events, handling of entries, aid during Judging sessions, be a point person for all the Ad Club events and manage the whole administrative activities during events. There is lot of P.R. activity involved besides event management.

Thus being a point person for 117 events comprising ABBY = 7, India Advertising Festival = 1, EMVIEs = 3, EFFIEs = 3, Ad works = 2, M.AD.Quiz = 5, Ad Reviews = 7, Ad ASIA = 3, CEP workshops = 31, Tea meetings = 50, Other events = 3 has taught a lot and the learning is still on. No events are the same for us for each time the person who handles it is different.

In fact over the years my experience has taught me that an event is more UNSEEN than SEEN. Being the point person at the Secretariat for an International event like Ad ASIA has taught me what should be done and more importantly what should not be done when it comes to office administration. In fact my experience can be truly handy for anyone organizing an event of that magnitude.

With a staff strength of six plus and a temporary hand to support the Ad Club Secretariat has aided the Mancom in a very big way to accomplish the set objectives. It has not been easy to pull of such major events with consistent ease still with a committed approach things have been achieved. The fact that Ad Club Secretariat was chosen as the Secretariat for the biggest advertising Show in Asia -AdASIA 2003 held at Jaipur, is a tribute to our efficiency.
The Ad Club is big in fact the biggest amongst all Advertising Clubs in the world with diverse activities. Its activity level is hyper. Its growth with every passing year is bringing in more work and throwing in more challenges.

It does feel good when Past Presidents and ex-mancom members besides the other attendants come and complement after the event, send SMS, emails and even letters It also feels nice when old Ad Club loyals come and mention that "You have made a difference" You get to hear such good things for the performance is consistently very good. Purely on the work front if I review my 7 years with the Ad Club I have many a reasons to rejoice.

My sincere thanks to Arati - the Queen of Entries, Ketan - the King of Accounts, Kavita - the Princess of Wordstar, Excel and other Software Packages, Narayan, Suresh and Gopal for having been wonderful team members. They are my hands and legs at the Secretariat.

Bipin R Pandit