e4mIDMA Digital platforms and networks don't tolerate silence: Jeff Bullas

Digital platforms and networks don't tolerate silence: Jeff Bullas

Author | Misbaah Mansuri | Tuesday, Jun 13,2017 7:44 AM

Digital platforms and networks don't tolerate silence: Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas, also known as the No. 1Global Digital Influencer 2016 and CEO of Jeffbullas.com Pty Ltd, is a part of the jury for the latest edition of exchange4media’s Indian Digital Marketing Awards (IDMA) 2017. In an interview with exchange4media, Bullas shared his thoughts on the digital advertising space. Edited excerpts below:

What trends are you seeing in the digital advertising space?

One of the trends is the continuing rise of the digital advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook. Between them, they are responsible for over 90% of all digital advertising growth. The other trends include the rise of marketing automation and the beginnings of the use of artificial intelligence, which can be seen with the appearance of chat-bots and personalisation. 

How can brands get their messages across through the clutter, using the digital medium? What is your advice?

If you merely look at what your competitors are doing and try and do it better,then it will lead to improvement and not innovation. So, you need to innovate from the outside and look at different industries for inspiration. Then you need to play the long game and use a variety of channels with "continuous marketing" and not just campaign marketing. The digital platforms and networks don't tolerate silence.

What are the key challenges facing digital advertisers right now?

I think the biggest challenge is ‘not owning your marketing’. The social web promised the democratisation of publishing (content) and marketing but many brands are not building internal competency in digital. They are handing it over to agencies like they did in the past. Often, this just leads to great art but doesn't produce leads and sales. The other challenge is mastering the technology of marketing such as automation and "AI". Marketing is now an "Art and a Science."  

How can digital advertisers ensure they are using the right metrics to judge the efficacy of campaigns? What should be kept in mind?

Many brands are stuck using vanity metrics like shares, traffic, views and even "likes". They are pretty good but often what is forgotten are metrics that matter such as the conversion metrics that appear at the sharp end of the marketing funnel. Savvy and smart CEOs will demand measurement of metrics that matter.

IDMA 2017 will be held on June 16 at Taj Santacruz in Mumbai. This year’s edition will also feature a full-day conference, TechManch.

More details about the event can be found here -http://www.exchange4media.com/events/idma-2017/home.aspx

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