e4mIDMA Be sure of what the platform can deliver: Aditya Awasthee

Be sure of what the platform can deliver: Aditya Awasthee

Author | Abhinna Shreshtha | Tuesday, Jun 06,2017 8:11 AM

Be sure of what the platform can deliver: Aditya Awasthee

Aditya Awasthee, Angel Investor and Mentor, was part of the jury for the latest edition of exchange4media's Indian Digital Awards (IDMA) 2017. We spoke with him to get his thoughts on how clients, agencies and platforms can make their relationships work better.

"The whole area of digital marketing is so wide that there will be a fair number of data points and parameters to keep in mind depending on what your campaign objective is about. To give a very broad answer, it is important to understand who you want to target because that is the one thing that digital offers you, to send personalised messages to someone," said Awasthee.

Another thing that clients need to keep in mind, according to him, is that when they jump onto a platform, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the client should have a deep understanding about what the platform is about or there will be a lot of missed opportunities.

"Be sure of what the platform can deliver because sometimes you do not even know what the platform can do or sometimes you just miss out," he said.

One of the big issues right now, according to Awasthee, is a big gap between the agency and the platform; what can the platform deliver and does the agency really understand the potential.

"A lot of times I feel that the pitch (by platforms) is out of context. Similarly, with agencies. From an overall basis, it is very important for platforms to start educating clients," he added.

IDMA 2017 will be held on June 16 at Taj Santacruz in Mumbai. This year’s edition will also feature a full-day conference, TechManch.

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