e4mIDMA 5 best practices of social media marketing: Zoe Cairns

5 best practices of social media marketing: Zoe Cairns

Author | Ruhail Amin | Friday, Jun 16,2017 7:41 AM

5 best practices of social media marketing: Zoe Cairns

At the Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) 2017, which will be held in Mumbai today, a number of international speakers will share their insights about the latest trends in digital and social media.

Zoe Cairns, internationally acclaimed social media consultant, who will also conduct a special workshop at IDMA 2017, shares five best practices that brands should follow to make the most of their social media strategy:

Build trust in you brand

 According to Cairns, most people are looking for brand recommendations and social media allows this easily through user generated content. Since people can share their thoughts about any brand on social media, it makes it easier for them to trust a brand if it gets a positive reaction on the platform.

 Look closely at user generated content

Cairns also believes that it’s more challenging for brands to promote on social media because the brand is not in total control of the content that gets generated. However, in her view, the user generated content can provide crucial insights to brand owners and help them approach their audience in a more targeted way.

It’s all about the right strategy

Social media marketing success is the outcome of well planned strategy, says Cairns. She believes that it is important for marketers to know what they want to achieve, to be able to differentiate between brand awareness and engagement, and above all, to know how to choose the right social media platform to target their audience.

Don’t hard sell

According to Cairns, it is important for brands and marketers to convert social media conversations to potential leads. However, making a hard sell is never an option. It is important for brands to realize what additional value they can give back to consumers to keep them engaged. In her view, the mistake that brands often make is to bombard potential customers with communication which often leads to a situation where brands tend to get ignored. In order to avoid it, the art of subtle engagement is the right way forward.

Be guided by Algorithms

Cairns is a strong believer in the power of algorithms, especially when it comes to making content strategy for social media marketing. “The best practice is to look at algorithms and guide the content strategy accordingly. I would say algorithms are controlling social media communication in a major way. Moreover, social media itself is not the answer to having a great marketing strategy. It has to be done with other media platforms for effective reach,” says Cairns.

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