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TODAY´S NEWS uses Google Gadget Ads feature to reduce customer acquisition costs uses Google Gadget Ads feature to reduce customer acquisition costs

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Dec 03,2007 6:26 AM

A- uses Google Gadget Ads feature to reduce customer acquisition costs is the first Google advertiser in India to use the new Google Gadget Ads feature, which are customised ‘mini-sites’ that run as ads on AdSense publisher websites. These ads, deemed to be interactive and engaging, provide value to advertisers, while simultaneously getting visitors to stick around their mini-sites. The end result is that advertisers get more engaged users, users have a richer ad experience, and publishers who have opted for image ads can expect increased competition for its ad space.

The service allows advertisers to create a widget, representing an advertisement for the brand that gets displayed across Google’s AdSense content network. A widget is anything that can be embedded within a web page, and adds some content to that page, which may not be static. Google’s AdSense for content crawls the content of pages and delivers text or image ads that are relevant to the advertiser’s audience and site content. is an online travel marketplace that enables travel sellers – airlines, hotels, tour providers and others – to promote their deals with real time pricing to interested buyers.

Ruchi Sundeep, Technical Head,, said, “Google Gadget Ads allow complete flexibility to the advertiser for creating any functionality within the ad. This adds a whole new dimension to online advertising with the opportunity of engaging the customer even before he lands on your website.” has experienced a drop in its conversion costs through this innovation and expects it to fall more through further optimisation. also has a Google widget that shows its users the lowest fares across each day of the month between cities chosen by the user. Once loaded, this is automatically displayed on the users’ personalised Google page. has been able to create a vast loyal customer base that views its offering everyday through this widget.

Vikas Jawa, Business Manager,, said, “Most of Google’s widgets of travel portals are simple airfare search forms. However, we felt that this should be more personalised. With our widget, users can choose their own frequently traveled cities and we show them lowest fares of the whole month for the same.”

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