Yusuf Omar joins Hindustan Times as Mobile Editor

Yusuf Omar joins Hindustan Times as Mobile Editor

Author | Saif Ahmad Khan | Monday, Jul 04,2016 12:30 PM

Yusuf Omar joins Hindustan Times as Mobile Editor

Hindustan Times has appointed Yusuf Omar as its Mobile Editor. The award-winning mobile journalist is an Indian by origin but holds the citizenships of the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

Prior to joining HT, Omar was working for eNCA, a 24*7 television channel in South Africa. He has reported on several critical issues as a foreign affairs correspondent including the Syrian civil war.

Omar’s work at HT will revolve around creating 750 mobile journalists for the English language daily. The move is set to bolster HT’s digital first policy and provide a further impetus to alternate forms of storytelling.

“I have the biggest creative mandate to drive innovation in news. People think that legacy institutions like HT would be old fashioned and technologically slow, but I’ve experienced quite the opposite,” says Omar who joined the organisation a month ago.

He emphasizes that the digital resources at HT are not as “lavish as the digitally native start-ups” but that only enables the organisation to do more experimenting and creative storytelling.

According to Omar, “India’s media scene is only beginning to understand the disruptive speed of mobile journalism. Broadcasters who always shoot horizontal and on a tripod –beware! That’s TV talk. Mobile journalism has no rules. Make the internet dance with compelling storytelling tools, not rules.”

Till recently Omar was a Duke Media Follow and researched on Snapchat storytelling. At HT, he will be reporting to the Chief Content Officer Nic Dawes.

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