Yahoo unveils new ad formats

Yahoo unveils new ad formats

Author | Gopal Sathe | Tuesday, Mar 22,2011 1:03 PM

Yahoo unveils new ad formats

Yahoo has revealed to exchange4media new ad formats that the company, which is the global leader in display advertising, is bringing to the marketing community in India.

Nitin Mathur, Senior Director Marketing, Yahoo, said, “Our goal at Yahoo is to deliver customised solutions that give targeted reach and visibility, with three basic considerations – art, science and scale. We believe that ads online need to be creative, need to make people want to see them the way you would react to a good ad on television. We feel that ads need to be targeted and delivered scientifically, so that you see the right ad, at the right time, the right number of times. And we believe that scale is important for the success of any ad campaign, and Yahoo, with its affiliate sites and network, can deliver that effectively.”

To that end, the company has launched a number of new formats, like the “monster video ad” and “magazine”, which offer new and innovative ways to present an ad to the user. Mathur said, “Today, our ads are bigger and better than before. We offer full integration of the ad, which is served to over 20 million users, without it becoming intrusive.”

One of the new formats – the magazine ad, as Yahoo has named it – offers a full microsite experience within the ad, which can be customised and can include audio and video, and is triggered by the user. Mathur said, “Imagine if you’re an auto brand, for example. The ‘cover’ could be your car, or the celebrity endorsing it, and then as a user clicks through the ad, they are shown facing ‘pages’ and they can ‘turn’ the pages to see more of the content, so you could show the interiors, a video of the car in motion, then the engine, whatever you want. Or an apparel brand could use this format to show their catalogue.”

Other formats like the mail pullover and maximiser can transform a display ad on the corner of your sent mail page in Yahoo Mail into a full page interactive video experience, if the user moves his mouse over the ad. Mathur said, “Since the user is initiating the interaction, it is not intrusive, and we have the capacity to target the ads according to the needs of the advertisers.”

The company has also created a login ad, which integrates the login screen of Yahoo services with an ad, and according to Mathur, the space would not be given out easily, and ads must be of the highest creative quality to get displayed.

He said, “There has been good initial pickup to the new formats from selected clients and the focus for us is on the creative. Creative formats and innovative advertising goes beyond the brand impression, and becomes earned media, and drives the emotional connect, which is very important for big brands.”


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