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Yahoo! India launches free community based search engine

Yahoo! India launches free community based search engine

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Apr 27,2006 7:54 AM

Yahoo! India launches free community based search engine

Yahoo! India has introduced a free community based search engine – Yahoo! India Answers – that lets users ask questions and get answers from real people on any topic. The Indian product will not only plug into the global platform operating on, but also allow for a full range of Indian content with categories like local businesses and the Indian taxation system. This allows Yahoo! users in India to benefit from the collective wisdom of Yahoo’s global community while addressing local requirements as well.

This service complements Yahoo’s web search by providing another source for information based on real life experiences and opinions from people, a kind of ‘Human Knowledge Search Engine’.

Any registered Yahoo! user can post a question on Yahoo! India Answers and let the other users provide the answers. To drive participation, the service operates on a system of points. Queries cost points, while voting on best answers and providing answers generate new points.

Yahoo! India Answers also archives and categorises users’ questions and answers by topics, which are searchable. Yahoo! will screen the content and ensure that all abusive, defamatory or obscene content is removed from the website. The users can also report posts that they feel are inappropriate.

Speaking at the launch of Yahoo! India Answers, Neville Taraporewalla, Country General Manager, Yahoo! India, said, “We are huge believers in the power of community. Yahoo! is augmenting its traditional search engine with a service that lets our users ask questions and get answers not simply from web crawling computers but from real people as well.”

“This is mining the knowledge of other people. It is different from standard forums or message boards or blogging sites. This allows us to tap into this entire community to provide a better search through people,” added Taraporewalla.

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