Wockhardt, Activemedia Technology go the mobile way to tap doctors

Wockhardt, Activemedia Technology go the mobile way to tap doctors

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, Jan 26,2006 8:28 AM

Wockhardt, Activemedia Technology go the mobile way to tap doctors

Wockhardt has employed the wireless medium to launch its product and build a wireless information bulletin (WIB) programme for the doctors. For this, the pharma major has tied up with Activemedia Technology to launch a campaign using the mobile as a marketing and sales tool.

Elaborating on the campaign, Activemedia Technology (AMT) Group Head-Marketing and Client Servicing, Arnav Neel Ghosh, said, “The reason this campaign is unique and novel is because this is another example as to how brands and enterprises have looked to harness the power of the mobile phone as a sales and marketing tool in a smart and innovative way. It’s a great experience for AMT to be associated with such campaigns and evolve itself further as a true blue wireless marketing solutions company.”

The campaign is focused on engagement of various doctors by local reps and take them through a simple contest on the product to be launched, while a mere participation would entail them a prize. The mobile has been used effectively as a sales tool, where doctors were given a different kind of experience with their direct engagement on the launch, than the usual drab method of demonstration with flyers, calendars and literature on the product by the reps and hence, this process made it a rewarding and an enriching engagement for them.

Ghosh added that this platform was adopted for Wockhardt’s new antibiotic drug Metaday. The focus was to use alternate and interesting channels to inform, engage and involve the doctors in the product launch. The contest at each market was initiated by the local sales, thus enabling him to build a better relation with the doctors. Each medical representative went out, got contact details of the doctor. It was a sales exercise.

The exercise involved 26,000 doctors, each of whom were give a unique codes along with the name of the doctor, the regional manager, and the market zone. The codes were uploaded on to a database using AMT’s backend support.

He further explained that the doctors would benefit a lot through this campaign as every time a new product would be launched, the doctors would be notified through SMSes. It would thus help Wockhardt create a medical database bulletin. There was no other publicity involved.

The campaign, which began in the first week of December, will continue till January-end. After the campaign ends, Wockhardt and AMT will chalk out a strategy to build an automated wireless information engine to drive regular medical bulletin to the database generated through this campaign.

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