With 40 per cent market share, GaneshaSpeaks.com foresees a bright future for itself

With 40 per cent market share, GaneshaSpeaks.com foresees a bright future for itself

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Saturday, Jul 19,2008 8:23 AM

With 40 per cent market share, GaneshaSpeaks.com foresees a bright future for itself

Powered by well-known astrologer Bejan Daruwalla and his team, astrology portal GaneshaSpeaks.com has been providing various services – free and paid – since its inception on April 25, 2003. With a market share of 40 per cent, the portal is now looking to enter the next phase of growth.

The market for astrology sites has been witnessing steady growth over the years, a reflection of the uncertain times perhaps. While the online astrology market in India at approximately Rs 15-20 crore annually might not look very appealing, the offline market is estimated at a whopping Rs 4,000 crore annually. There is a very strong likelihood of some of those offline figures rubbing off on online activities as the younger generation takes control of their lives.

Hemang Arun Pandeet, CEO, GaneshaSpeaks.com, said, “GaneshaSpeaks.com has a huge amount of free content based on sun signs. It has 15 free horoscopes, including Guna Match, Sade Sati Report, etc., and personalised services in career, finance, business, love and marriage, property, etc. categories. GaneshaSpeaks.com also contains forecasts regarding the Indian stock market indices, namely Nifty and Sensex, and sports like cricket, football and tennis. Also, all the major flash points in politics, films, sports, business, international, etc., are analysed and forecast on a regular basis in the blogs section.”

Commenting on the communications activities for the portal, Pandeet said, “A strong PR campaign is being used for promoting the website. GaneshaSpeaks.com can generate a variety of content which is media friendly and syndicating the same results into promotion of the website. We power astrology channels in popular websites. We also get into content supply deals with websites and other media, thereby marketing the website. But we have a policy to not advertise in any kind of media.”

Commenting on the portal’s association with the Hindustan Times website, Pandeet said, “GaneshaSpeaks and Hindustan Times are no longer in a position to find a common ground as far as the arrangements are concerned. Plus, GaneshaSpeaks is constantly looking at adding new partners so that we get fresh traffic to the site. We will pursue deals with various web-based companies in India and abroad, whereby value can be added to the existing offering or it can be created for both the partners.”

He further said, “GaneshaSpeaks has grown mainly due to two factors – its accuracy and its consistency in service delivery. Besides this, having Bejan Daruwalla as our brand ambassador and mentor definitely helps. We have also been adding several interesting content and widening our offering as far as services are concerned.”

A proof that all these measures are working in the portal’s favour is PCWorld recently announcing GaneshaSpeaks.com as the No. 1 astrology portal in India, considering both technology and design. The portal gets one million visitors per month, generating five million page views. This does gives the portal a big boost vis-à-vis its competitors like Astrolife.com and Astroyogi.com.

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