Webchutney incorporates ‘Bheja Fry’ theme into 7Up website

Webchutney incorporates ‘Bheja Fry’ theme into 7Up website

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, May 29,2008 9:05 AM

Webchutney incorporates ‘Bheja Fry’ theme into 7Up website

Carrying forward the brand message of ‘Bheja Fry? 7 Up Try’, Webchutney has recently launched an animated Flash-based interactive site with the objective of creatively incorporating the ‘Bheja Fry’ theme into the 7Up website.

Commenting on the web initiative, Sankalp Potbhare, Brand Manager, 7Up, said, “The basic concept behind launching the 7Up website was that the soft drink has always stood for its refreshing appeal. Recognising the heavy youth presence on the web and the increasing importance of entertaining brand reinforcements, we have created this site, which highlights the ‘Bheja Fry’ concept interactively. We wanted to create an interface where we interact with the youth and relate to the daily ‘Bheja Fry’ of life and having fun along the way. It’s a great fit for the brand as well since 7Up with its new lime n lemon flavour is a refreshing drink that keeps the mind and mood fresh. The interactivity with the Bheja Fry moments on the site just reaffirms the brand proposition.”

“The brief that we gave to Webchutney was simple – bring alive the ‘Bheja Fry’ situations. We wanted our brand website to be in sync with our brand messaging, but at the same time also keep it entertaining and engaging for the user. The user is demanding these days and at the same time wants a product experience they can relate to. The ‘Bheja Fry? 7 Up Try’ experience is something that we need to bring alive and hence, this website plays an important role in speaking to the youth in their language,” Potbhare added.

Rajat Sachdeva, Account Manager, Webchutney, said, “The challenge that we faced while developing the website was that we had to make sure we interacted with the user in an engaging manner in bringing alive the Bheja Fry theme, but at the same time we also had to ensure that we didn’t push it to a limit where the user actually gets ‘Bheja Fried’ and wants to leave the website! Maintaining that correct balance was the tricky part. We devised a creative solution to the problem by including an interactive pre-loader, which in itself carries forward the Bheja Fry theme.”

Sachdeva claimed that the interactive pre-loader was something that not many people in India would’ve seen. Add to that the fact that it isn’t placed as a gimmick, but is completely in sync with the theme of the site, that’s a bonus. “The website in itself is very different in terms of design, which is refreshing and clutter breaking. This also leads us to the high level of user interactivity on the site. Almost all Flash animations are triggered by the user, which makes the user an integral part of the entire website experience,” he added.

“Our target audience is basically youth, who need mental upliftment or refreshment to handle the daily irritants that life presents to them,” Potbhare added.

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