We know digital is the future: Vibha Gosher

We know digital is the future: Vibha Gosher

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Friday, Jan 15,2016 7:32 AM

We know digital is the future: Vibha Gosher

9X Media recently rechristened its popular Bollywood news show 9XE to SpotboyE. The brand new avatar is reflective of the company's vision to create a property more attuned with the Bollywood industry. This change can also be seen in the digital domain with becoming Apart from this change in brand identity, the move also shows how 9X Media is evolving its digital focus as it seeks to further improve its presence online and on mobile. Vibha Gosher, SVP and Digital Head of 9X Media, speaks about what 9X Media has in store on the digital front


What was the rationale behind the change in identity?
We wanted to personify the brand. It is more relatable when the audience is actually speaking to someone rather than the brand. We also wanted a name that is integral to Bollywood and so we chose SpotboyE.

Also, SpotboyE (formerly 9XE) has always been a digital product. It was our first digital product. It is just marketed through the TV show.

Will we see more shows from 9X around the same format, i.e., digital first?
Yes but it won't be the same format (as SpotboyE). We know digital is the future and we are very gung-ho about it. There are more products lined up for launch in the coming time. We are completely in support of our digital strategy.

So, how will the 9X's digital strategy shape up in 2016?
We want to grow along with the audience. Today, India is becoming a digital nation. 4G is around the corner and SpotboyE is timed to take advantage of it. We are creating original content and going mobile first. Currently, we reach out to 17+ million viewers across digital platforms across the network.

Speaking of original content, how different is it from TV content?
Our content is designed to cater to the young digital audience. We are creating dynamic content in real-time. Our content has already been appreciated by the industry which looks to us as a source for Bollywood news.

What kind of marketing strategy have you got in place for SpotboyE?
We have used all high traffic platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google to market it initially. There is also a full scale marketing campaign which we will be starting off very soon.

You spoke about going mobile first. How is 9X Media planning to take advantage of the mobile application?
We have created our app after taking into consideration what the users want and we have ensured to make the experience rich and real-time. We deliver news first because we have the best journalists, and when you have the best content, more people will notice you.

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