We are looking to grow traffic and revenue by 70-100% YOY: Sandeep Amar

We are looking to grow traffic and revenue by 70-100% YOY: Sandeep Amar

Author | Vernika Awal | Thursday, Mar 17,2016 7:54 AM

We are looking to grow traffic and revenue by 70-100% YOY: Sandeep Amar

Digital has taken control of our personal and professional lives in ways we could have never imagined before. People are consuming digital content on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers etc., and companies that are yet to come to terms with this digital onslaught are at the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Recognizing this growing influence of digital and to strengthen their market share, India.com recently elevated Sandeep Amar as its new CEO.  A senior digital leader in the Indian digital space with an experience of almost two decades, he shared with us the growth story of India.com since its inception 3 years ago.

Elaborating on how India.com has raced ahead of established digital players in a short span of time, Amar said, “We are already number 2 in mobile browser numbers as per ComScore in India, the first objective is to take the number 2 slot in desktop numbers as well. We are hoping to beat network 18 and get there in next 2-3 months. Then we will be fully established as the number 2 Indian publisher, which will be a major achievement for us. We have moved from number 6 to number 2 in 2.5 years by beating brands like NDTV, Network 18, The India Today Group and all other major publishers other than Times Internet.”

Highlighting that social media today acts as a major driver of traffic to websites, startups and established ventures alike, Amar stated that it is crucial to take into account a lot of parameters, even beyond the ones that are apparent to the business.

He also added that websites and publishers rely heavily on digital media to drive traffic to their portal and for better customer engagement, and like many other websites, India.com also heavily relies on Google, Facebook and other sources of traffic both in paid and organic manner.

Stating that India.com is focusing on building organic channels for traffic, Amar said “We have two key metrics – traffic and revenue – our goals are focused on these metrics. We are looking to grow traffic and revenue by 70-100% year on year.”

Underlining the importance of strong customer relationships online and offline, Amar further added, “Connecting with the readers is a regular phenomenon for us. We focus on primarily young readers – the Indian millennials. We also believe in young people creating content for young people. Therefore our process starts with hiring lot of young people, who understands the likes and priorities of young people. That has been the success mantra for us.”

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