Vaibhav Gupta to launch real time bidding platform Bidstalk in Jan 2014

Vaibhav Gupta to launch real time bidding platform Bidstalk in Jan 2014

Author | Deepa Balasubramanian | Tuesday, Dec 24,2013 8:49 AM

Vaibhav Gupta to launch real time bidding platform Bidstalk in Jan 2014

Vaibhav Gupta, who resigned as CTO of AirPush, is ready with his new venture – Bidstalk, mobile real time bidding platform. In conversation with exchange4media, Gupta spoke at length about Bidstalk, its advantages and planned marketing strategies. Excerpts:

What is Bidstalk all about?
Bidstalk is a real time bidding platform that connects advertisers with companies in a way that combines real time data with algorithms to deliver immediate, intelligent and transparent results. Bidstalk gives campaign performance tracking data that is vital for advertisers to plan their mobile advertising strategies and helps display ads to minutely targeted audiences. In a nutshell, Bidstalk announces the onset of ‘intelligent mobile advertising’.

What are your marketing and advertising strategies for Bidstalk?
The product has been designed to transcend boundaries and reach an international audience. The best marketing strategy, which every marketer will tell you, is word of mouth publicity. I expect Bidstalk to be received well by the audiences. As for strategy, responsive is the word - the product should speak for itself.

Who are your competitors and how are you going to stand out in the market?
There are a couple of players in the industry who are offering similar services. However, Bidstalk promises to be a unique entity in the sense that the system is customer-centric built on an intelligent confluence of technology and data driven algorithms.

Other than me driving this initiative, Bidstalk is the baby of Rishi Agarwal, who is the Operations chap; Vipul Jain is our marketing geek, while Chintan Buch is the Intellisensor, who is a technology master. We make the core team and come from diverse backgrounds.

How was your experience at AirPush and what were your learnings?
AirPush, and in fact even my previous companies – (AOL), Go!Live Mobile, have served as a great learning experience for me in terms of being able to fathom the intrinsic workings of the online and mobile advertising industry. Since my liaison with the online advertising domain goes back to the days of, when other players were hardly on the scene, armed with in-depth knowledge of the industry, I was able to connect the dots and come up with a proposal that is expected to bridge the gap in mobile advertising domain.

While I was in AirPush, I was heading the technology function as CTO - India operation and was overseeing all functions of technology. As my job required me to network a lot, I got in close contact with a lot of advertisers, publishers and marketers. My close affinity to them brought me face to face with several challenges that the advertisers had been facing, and I recognised a gap that I believed could be filled easily with prudent use of innovative cutting-edge technology, data, and algorithms.

I am ready to launch Bidstalk by the first week of January 2014.

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