UGC is a reality now, says Manish Agarwal, VP-Marketing,

UGC is a reality now, says Manish Agarwal, VP-Marketing,

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Jan 15,2007 8:16 AM

UGC is a reality now, says Manish Agarwal, VP-Marketing, has announced the launch of its new product, Rediff GetAhead Q&A. The new segment will be accessible from the GetAhead section in, where informative articles and are posted. Users can answer the questions raised through the articles and even pose new questions concerning the article through this new section. With this, believes that interactivity among the website users will increase and will give rise to a great community culture where people will help each other in answering each other’s queries.

Speaking about this new initiative, Manish Agarwal, VP-Marketing,, said, “There has been a lot of demand for personal counselling or answers, and there are numerous users seeking solutions from people who have faced similar problems to guide them. With this, is creating a platform for users to interact with and share solutions to their problems.”

Jasmeet Singh, VP-Product Marketing,, said, “We believe true experts are the users and, therefore, they can provide the best solutions to all the problems.”

Commenting on the promotional plans for this section, Agarwal explained, “We will be promoting it through some selected online sites and some relevant offline print mediums. We will also take the help of bloggers and will definitely proliferate on our site.”

Remarking about the revenue model in place from this new addition in their site, he added, “In future, we will have relevant ads placed alongside the content. We will wait till it stabilises before having any ads as it is a golden goose and we don’t want to kill it.”

Talking about the growth of user-generated content (UGC) in the media space, Agarwal mentioned about how had been a pioneer in this space and used it in their growth. “UGC is already a reality now. is already providing a platform through some initiatives like these and will be used more in the future,” he added.

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