Tyroo to improvise technology for advertisers; expects to maintain growth rate

Tyroo to improvise technology for advertisers; expects to maintain growth rate

Author | Preeti Hoon | Monday, Oct 04,2010 8:42 AM

Tyroo to improvise technology for advertisers; expects to maintain growth rate

Riding on 200 per cent y-o-y growth, Tyroo, a Yahoo!-funded online advertising network, has robust plans to provide greater outreach for advertisers.

Speaking exclusively to exchange4media, Manish Vij, Co-founder, Tyroo, shared the company’s plans in the pipeline. “Our expansion plans work concurrently and are multi-pronged. We are expanding our network to provide greater outreach for advertisers. We are also working at the technology end on rich media ads, as well as better algorithms to track and monitor ad revenue, and targeting to provide a complete 360° solution for both publishers and advertisers. Tyroo has been growing at a sustained rate of 200 per cent year on year and with addition of new product lines and increase in digital spends from advertisers has added further growth,” he divulged.

Delivering 2.5 billion high quality impressions per month to its clients, Tyroo makes noticeable ad placements on leading Indian and international websites.

On plans to enhance advertiser’s experience and help him reach his customers in an effective way, Vij, stated, “Internet gives option to advertisers to provide engagement and interactivity beyond standalone display or running TV Commercials. Tyroo helps advertisers on 3 metrics - quality of placements, reach and engagement. Tyroo Video Network provides combination of all of these.”

The video network created by the ad network has been instrumental in designing success stories for advertisers like Blackberry, GM to name a few.

When asked how it helps being a Yahoo! funded company, Vij replied, “We learn from Yahoo!’s global standards of digital advertising both in technology and products, Right Media Platform (A Yahoo! AdServing Company) which is used by Yahoo! to drive performance for advertisers is also used to serve and drive performance for all our clients.”

But is there any advantage being a standalone company? “Yahoo! is a strategic investor. The advantage of being a standalone is that our marketing, approach to the market or internal policy is independent of Yahoo!,” he explained.

The ad network’s business model could be explained as an observant mediator who connects websites (publishers) with advertisers. Tyroo serves advertisements on websites and shares advertiser revenue each time visitors' click or view ads. Powered by the industry's most advanced technology, Tyroo places advertisements on the most relevant websites and web pages to reach the intended customer, using specialized targeting like geo targeting, bandwidth speed targeting, contextual targeting, etc. It works across business models like CPM, CPC, CPA etc, and other premium verticals.

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