Tyroo launches new localisation features to attract Indian SMEs

Tyroo launches new localisation features to attract Indian SMEs

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jun 16,2007 9:03 AM

Tyroo launches new localisation features to attract Indian SMEs

Tyroo Media Pvt. Ltd, part of Smile Interactive Technologies Group, has recently launched an innovative SMS Response Management System to add to its current product offering. This has been done to primarily empower Indian small and medium enterprises (SME) that could not advertise online earlier. Tyroo Media is the Indian self-serve ad marketplace and was commercially launched for the Internet in June 2006.

In the online advertising industry today, when a user clicks on an advertisement, he is taken to the advertiser’s website. But the reality in India is that most small advertisers do not have websites of their own and hence, cannot advertise.

Under Tyroo’s innovative system, whenever the user clicks on the ad, a pop-up caption opens where the user can mention his query and contact details. This query then gets directed to the advertiser through SMS in a non-intrusive manner. It is thus a win-win situation as it becomes an excellent lead generation tool for the SME advertiser, enabling it to make heavy impact on India’s best publisher sites even in the absence of a website.

This is an initiative to bring Internet advertising options to a completely new market segment of SMEs, thus enabling them to advertise with budgets as low as Rs 2,500. These attempts will broaden the online advertisement market at its very base by empowering advertisers who have limited platform.

Commenting on Tyroo’s strategy of targetting SMEs, Manish Vij, Chief Business Officer, Smile Interactive Technologies Group, said, “Since we have developed our own technology, we are flexible to add new features suitable to mould our requirements. A lot of other ad-networks have leased their technology from elsewhere abroad and thus have to use what’s already been created, which cannot customise to local market requirements.”

“Localisation is Tyroo’s strength and it’s the first ad-network to have introduced such features for SMEs. Tyroo is creating a new market for itself through its localised technologies and at the same time, helping SMEs reach their target audience in the most cost effective manner,” commented Aditya Khanna, Business Head, Tyroo Media.

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