Twitter is increasingly being used as a live reaction ground: Parminder Singh

Twitter is increasingly being used as a live reaction ground: Parminder Singh

Author | Vernika Awal | Thursday, May 05,2016 9:04 AM

Twitter is increasingly being used as a live reaction ground: Parminder Singh

Live videos are increasingly becoming one of the most preferred modes of communication on Twitter. While the number of videos hosted on the platform increased by 150x in the last 12 months alone, the audience has also shown a similar increase in interest in watching the videos. Across the same time span, Twitter has reported a 400% increase in the amount of time spent by users in watching videos on Twitter and its other platforms.

Speaking about this new trend and the important role that live videos are playing, Parminder Singh, Managing Director for Twitter South-East Asia, India and MENA, says, “We have entered an age in which moments that we are experiencing offline are represented online with absolutely no delay, right as they unfold.” As a result, bringing the power to broadcast videos live to users does not only entertain, but also engages more users in a campaign. Brands, as a result, are consciously reaping the benefits of promoting themselves via live videos. While the content differs in nature in accordance to the occasion that is being broadcasted, the theme remains the same – get content broadcasted live to millions of users, before others do.

Twitter is increasingly being used as a live reaction ground for television broadcasts, with 81 billion TV tweets and views globally last year. The most popular happened to be of reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, accounting for 5.7 million tweets alone. Other happenings, observed across the world that left a mark on Twitter, include Virat Kohli’s heroics in the T20 World Cup, the disastrous Chennai floods, Nepal earthquake, and other events that are followed across the world.

Explaining the importance of understanding the evolving consumption dynamics of users on Twitter, Singh says such dynamics help brands understand common interests in target user groups, thereby allowing them to make better use of digital media and cash in on the interests.

According to Singh, the list of top five categories that are actively followed by high income users include sports (43%), technology and consumer electronics (41%), films and movies (39%), news and magazines (37%) and mobile device manufacturers (36%). Of these, sports happen to be a particularly active and rampant category, with 77% of followers being regular on Twitter.

Other sections of high engagements across categories include brands and companies, which are followed by 90% of users. Other relevant dynamics state that 80% of Twitter users access the site on mobile devices, while 72% have purchased a new car within the last two years. This reiterates Twitter’s affluent audience status. Mothers also account for a major amount of Twitter activity. Singh’s statistics reveal that 80% of mothers on Twitter are the sole decision makers in their respective households. Among them, fashion, beauty and luxury brands are the most popular, while movies and mobile phone makers also garner considerable interest.

Singh also listed India’s T20 World Cup match against Pakistan, the Delhi elections, Chennai floods and India’s 69th Independence Day celebrations among the most engaging moments on Twitter.

Singh was speaking at Twitter’s Udaan conference held in New Delhi on May 4.

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