Twitter introduces mobile app promotion

Twitter introduces mobile app promotion

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jul 04,2014 8:52 AM

Twitter introduces mobile app promotion

Earlier this year, Twitter announced a new way for selected advertisers to drive mobile app installs and engagements on Twitter. After seeing strong results in beta, Twitter is to offer mobile app promotion to all advertisers globally.

People turn to Twitter to connect with their interests, and discover new ones. During the mobile app promotion beta, Twitter’s clients have been able to reach Twitter’s highly engaged audience to drive a large volume of cost-effective downloads.

For example,@playdots promoted TwoDots, a spinoff of their highly addictive mobile game.

“We’ve reached tremendous scale on mobile app promotion. TwoDots has driven over a million app installs in a short period of time, and Twitter has become an essential user acquisition channel for us,” said Christian Calderon, Head of User Acquisition, Dots.

Ride-sharing service @Lyft also saw positive results.

“During the beta, we were able to quickly and effectively reach our growth goals via Twitter for 30% below the originally targeted cost,” remarked Daniel Riaz, Head of Mobile Acquisition, Lyft.

Game publisher @EA successfully promoted multiple mobile game titles.

Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Senior Manager Social Acquisition, EA commented, “EA has been thrilled to have participated in the beta. We were able to drive a significant number of installs for our suite of casual and core games including the Sims FreePlay, Real Racing 3, and Heroes of Dragon Age at or below single digit cost-per-installs. Our partnership with Twitter has allowed us to connect engaged high value players with our games.”

Mobile app promotion leverages Twitter’s existing powerful targeting capabilities, including interest, keyword, TV targeting and tailored audiences to help reach the desired audience. Customers can also layer on gender, geo, language and mobile platform targeting to pinpoint the users who are best suited for their app.

Once customers have set their targeting, Twitter offers a number of ways to customize the creative aspects of their ad using Promoted Tweets and App Cards, including:

•         The ability to automatically use the app’s icon and description from Google Play or the App Store, or customize them.

•         A choice of deep link to enable users to open your app directly from Twitter.

•         The ability to customize Tweet copy to provide additional context about why users should download the app.

In addition, App Cards on iOS will also include install notifications, a prompt that occurs on Twitter once the app is fully downloaded. The notification is designed to drive activation of the app when user intent is highest.

Once ads are running, Twitter provides conversion tracking for mobile apps, which allows you to measure the full conversion impact of your campaigns, including initial installs and in-app conversion events. Twitter has partnered with leading companies in mobile measurement to help see how engagements and impressions on Twitter drive app conversions. These partners include Adjust, AD-X, AppsFlyer, Fiksu,Grab, Hasoffers and Kochava.

To ensure the highest possible return on investment, Twitter is offering a new pricing and prediction structure for mobile app promotion, based on a cost-per-app-click (CPAC) model. Customers will only be charged when a user clicks to go to the App Store or Google Play from their ad, or when they open the app directly from Twitter.

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