Twitter expands advertising reach with MoPub, a native ad exchange platform

Twitter expands advertising reach with MoPub, a native ad exchange platform

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Friday, Apr 25,2014 8:15 AM

Twitter expands advertising reach with MoPub, a native ad exchange platform

Twitter is leveraging the massive reach of its MoPub mobile ad platform, which it had acquired in September 2013. MoPub has been testing the platform with a limited number of partners for the past few months and Twitter announced some days ago that the service will now be available to all publishers globally. MoPub claims it is the first programmatic-enabled native ads platform for mobile apps. Publishers can use MoPub’s native ads platform to serve direct-sold or in-house native ads and auction inventory on MoPub Marketplace. Currently, claims the company, there are 95 demand partners on the Marketplace. The overall network reaches one billion iOS and Android users and serves more than 130 billion ad requests every month in standard banner formats.

In an earlier interview with exchange4media, Rishi Jaitley, Market Director-India, Twitter, had mentioned that native advertising would be one of the cornerstones of Twitter’s strategy in the coming years and with the MoPub announcement, Twitter has taken a giant step towards setting up a marketplace for native ads. In very simple terms, native advertising is a way of serving advertisements to a user so that it does not intrude on the user’s experience. The idea is to keep the ad relevant to the context of whatever the user is doing online, which will increase the likelihood of him/her clicking on it.

Announcing the development, Twitter stated, “MoPub’s technology lets mobile application publishers manage their inventory and optimize multiple sources of advertising — direct ads, house ads, ad network, and real-time bidding through the MoPub Marketplace — in a single product.”  Programmatic buying of advertisements is becoming increasingly popular as it allows for more efficient targeting. With the MoPub platform, Twitter has a tool that encompasses native advertising, programmatic buying and mobile advertising; three concepts that are becoming more and more important for advertisers in their relentless race to keep up with consumer preferences.

The MoPub announcement also means that Twitter has now extended its advertising reach beyond its own domain. Within Twitter itself, the company uses promoted tweets as a form of native advertising. However, given the considerable reach that MoPub enjoys, native advertising has just got a shot in the arm.

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