Translating online communities into opportunities for B2B businesses

Translating online communities into opportunities for B2B businesses

Author | Nitin Pandey | Monday, Aug 29,2011 9:10 AM

Translating online communities into opportunities for B2B businesses

LinkedIn India, along with Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), organised a panel discussion on ‘Translating online communities into opportunities for B2B businesses’ on August 26, 2011, in Delhi. The discussion revolved around how social media can be used for customer engagement and how B2B businesses can translate these engagement tools into business opportunities and build relevant conversations with customers.

When asked whether using social media by marketers was a need focused approach or proactive approach, Kartik Nagrajan, National Director, Social & Insights, GroupM, replied that clients were aware of social networking tools these days. “They need not to be convinced to use online social networking for marketing. B2B communities need to be focused to a particular service,” he added.

Dhiman Mukherji, Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India, noted that in a survey, when asked, while building communities online what is the top consideration of marketers? Results indicated that most of the marketers voted for Thought Leadership. While, marketers also said that Customer Feedback has also been their consideration. Product Awareness and Broadcast Information were also voted for by them.

Meanwhile, Punit Modhgil, Director, Enterprise Marketing, Microsoft, said that for them social networking is more about engagement. However, Deepak Shetty, Senior VP, Domestic Sales and Marketing, Moser Baer India, stated that dialogue and then feedback are two things that they focus on through social media tools.

George Paul, Director Marketing, Ericsson India, noted that the engagement is first step that they look for through social media. And awareness building comes later. “This is a kind of investment where we need to spend more time,” he said. However, he also said that biggest success of any campaign through social media is to bring the right people in your communities.

Mohit Hira, CMO, Global Individual Learning Business, NIIT Ltd was also present in the panel.

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