There are ways to deal with digital innovations: Rob Norman

There are ways to deal with digital innovations: Rob Norman

Author | Saloni Surti | Wednesday, May 15,2013 7:38 PM

There are ways to deal with digital innovations: Rob Norman

Ever since its advent, the dynamics of digital have been constantly evolving. Growing literally by leaps and bounds, digital displayed its power and reach in events such as Facebook crossing billion users and broadband connections reaching the billion mark.

Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM Global expressed that marketers now have no option but to embrace digital. While it might not be an easy task, he said that there are ways to deal with innovations and innovators.

Before implementing or adapting to any kind of innovation, marketers can ask themselves a few questions that can help them determine how much an innovation makes sense to them. The first and basic question to ask is how many people are using a particular technology? Does it have an enough big user base for a brand to adapt it? The next step would be identifying barriers. Norman explained that nothing that is launched becomes an overnight success and has barriers in the initial phase. “When Facebook was launched, it did not have a billion users from the very first day,” said Norman.

Digital being a constantly evolving medium, brands cannot adapt to every innovation. Thus, to make sure that a particular technology makes sense to the brand, marketers need to know what kind of data will it create for them and how will it help. They (marketers) should also realise that massive changes are not acceptable and thus, before adapting any change, brands should know its infrastructural implications.

Another element that brands should look out for is whether or not a particular innovation helps transfer as a creative asset for the brand. Does it help give a richer experience to the consumers? The last factor to be taken in consideration is identifying the scale at which a particular innovation has to be executed and whether it serves the purpose and gives satisfaction.

We now live in a fragmented sea of brand messages and marketers will not be able to able to rely on campaigns like before. Norman stated that marketers now need to determine the needs of the consumers, find out how do they prioritise content and innovate accordingly.

Rob Norman shared his views at a conference organised by Indian Society of Advertisers, Mumbai on Harnessing the Power of Digital Advertising

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