The 'mouse' bites a chunk out of TV

The 'mouse' bites a chunk out of TV

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Tuesday, Jul 11,2006 7:16 AM

The 'mouse' bites a chunk out of TV

The idiot box has some real competition building up from cyberia. Across urban households the computer mouse is edging out the TV remote for the consumers' time. The rising popularity of the internet, with close to 25m Indians hooked on, is bringing about a sea-change in the way people consume television.

For home internet users, about 40% of all internet users in India or 10m odd consumers, there is very little difference in time spend on internet vis-à-vis television. Over two-third home internet users are spending anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours everyday on the net, mirroring 71% for television viewers spending the same amount of time.

What's worse for television is that over half of all home internet users are logging in on the net between 6 PM and midnight, eating into television's prime time viewership, something that helps channels charge premium on ad rates.

Over half, 55%, of internet users in India have also participated in some online contest or the other in the last one year, a huge success for the medium in terms of generating marketing stimulus.

In this second part of a three part series, ET in partnership with online research & advisory firm JuxtConsult's 'India Online '06', a huge 20,000 online users survey (with an additional offline 5,500 households, 21 cities sample) present the online behaviour patterns of Indians with emphasis on the growth in 'depth' of internet usage in India.

Over half (53%) of internet users in India also access the net from offices, and almost 80% here spend on an average more than 30 minutes, with more than one-fourth (27%) spending upwards of two hours with the medium.

Perhaps the biggest reason for this growth in depth of internet usage is the arrival of broadband in the last one year, something that has enabled net access not just faster and more hassle-free, but even allowed users to download richer content in terms of graphics, audio and video clips.

Over half, 52%, of home net users and 63% of office users are now accessing internet through broadband, with just a fourth (27%) still stuck to regular dial-up mode.

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