The Cell creates the right buzz for Pepsi My Can with web campaign

The Cell creates the right buzz for Pepsi My Can with web campaign

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, Jan 17,2008 6:46 AM

The Cell creates the right buzz for Pepsi My Can with web campaign

With the increasing relevance of the digital media web campaigns have become an important part of the advertising strategy of brands. The recent online initiative for Pepsi My Can by The Cell, the in-house agency of Network18 Group, has managed to hold the surfers’ attention.

The Pepsi project was a special challenge thrown to The Cell by JWT, Delhi. The project involved the creation of 20 web videos to be shot with 20 disparate young people from all over the country. The creative head behind the initiative was JWT’s Preeta Mathur, while The Cell’s Zubin Driver was the director of the web videos.

According to an audit done by an external agency, the number of hits that this web campaign received in a week’s time stood at 15-20 lakh. It may be noted that the campaign started two weeks ago and would continue for two months.

Each of the 20 videos on the Pepsi Zone has been designed to reflect the city and attitude of the individual on screen. One of the videos features Hiren Bhanushali from Mumbai doing a hand-stand. Bhanushali goes on to profess his passion for Bollywood and cricket, and states that he is an Indian. Another video features Neha Malhotra from Chandigarh, who goes on to make stake claim to be the face of Pepsi My Can by drawing on the love for the cola drink that both she and her idol ‘SRK’ share. She sums up her motto in life – ‘To love someone, it is important to love yourself first.’

Delhi’s Francis D’Costa is another candidate in contention for the Pepsi My Can crown. D’Costa describes himself and his passions, along the way telling us that he works at a call center. After breaking into an impromptu bhangra, he hops on a bike (courtesy the graphic artists).

All the candidates have tried to project their personalities in a positive light to endear themselves to the voters, and they have been supported by the producers of the videos, who have used graphics and other techniques to magnify the qualities in the candidates.

Commenting on the campaign, Driver said, “I am thrilled with the overwhelming response the Pepsi My Can videos have generated. The team at The Cell worked overtime to ensure that a high quality product was created for Pepsi and all our hard work has paid off. Web videos have to be human, engaging and endearing to generate responses. The fact that they were all shot in the first person narrative format made them real, raw and believable. These are qualities that drew audiences to them and ensured their success.”

The shoot happened in a record-breaking three shifts and was shot on a 360-degree Chroma set. The graphics were then composed on a flint system to create 20 videos that captured the essence of each character. Ever since they went online, the videos have been a great hit amongst the youth. Not only is this a case studio in the effectiveness of web videos but also a first for The Cell in terms of web video activation.

Driver further said, “With the online marketing space growing in India and a larger proportion of Indians getting access to higher Internet speeds, online campaigns have assumed an important role for advertisers today. However, the quality of the user experience can make or break an online campaign and that is one aspect which the creators of the Pepsi campaign at The Cell have been able to achieve.”

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