Teacher's Day lesson for Modi: Twitter gives a thumbs down

Teacher's Day lesson for Modi: Twitter gives a thumbs down

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Tuesday, Sep 09,2014 8:05 AM

Teacher's Day lesson for Modi: Twitter gives a thumbs down

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to address students on the occasion of Teacher’s Day (September 5) created quite a stir. Political rivals did not miss out on the opportunity to slam the PM's decision, while many citizens questioned his move to make it obligatory for students to watch the televised address. The decision and the event remained a topic of hot discussions, especially on social media platforms. 

"The Prime Minister’s speech has been trending on Twitter for past few days. By September 8, we found there were more than 11,000 tweets about his speech on Teacher's Day,” said Nitin Bhatia, Director - Agency Partnerships, Indian Subcontinent for Meltwater Inc.

According to Meltwater’s analysis, on September 5, the Twitter conversations peaked with more than 5.5 thousand mentions.




Unsurprisingly, most of the tweets were from India but there were also significant amount of tweets from the US, the UK, Netherlands and Germany. In terms of sentiment, 6,324 tweets were neutral. However negative comments outstripped the positive ones, with the former standing at 2,349 and the latter at 1,868.




The speech, which was also broadcast live on YouTube through DD News’ official channel has received more than 1,00,000 views (on the official channel) till now and generated 91 comments.

“Modi’s Teacher’s Day speech was a very successful PR event for the Government and Modi. It created great debate. Not everyone is positive, but the majority clearly seem to be siding with Modi. It’s a call-to-action speech and a powerful one,” remarked Bhupendra Kanal, CEO, Simplify360.

According to Simplify360, conversations around the speech reached 14,000 mentions on social media. Twitter was the dominant platform, accounting for 68 per cent of the conversations, with Facebook following with 14 per cent conversations (since Simplify360’s analysis tool picks up only conversations, this will include only posts which have generated some interaction, either in the form of likes, shares or comments). 

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