Tablet magazine Tweek hits the market

Tablet magazine Tweek hits the market

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Feb 17,2012 8:53 AM

Tablet magazine Tweek hits the market

Times Internet Ltd has launched what is being touted as India’s first tablet magazine – Tweek. The application has been developed in partnership with Genwi, an inventor and leader of cloud-based mobile publishing. Tweek can be accessed via the iPad and will soon be launched for the iPhone and Android devices.

The weekly magazine will offer content with an urban perspective. Tweek will feature stories from around the world across business, entertainment, lifestyle and sport. Its interactive format will allow readers to not just instantly share stories through social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, but also share their feedback with the Tweek team. Tweek also enables the reader to not just read a story, but also listen to, watch it and thus, experience the content.

Rishi Khiani, CEO, Times Internet Ltd (TIL), commented, “Tweek offers its readers an unparalleled experience in terms of interactivity, customisation and usability. Its content will be kept fresh and relevant by the large database of content available within the TIL network. With its launch, we intend to pioneer the tablet magazine space in India.”

He further said that TIL would experiment with different ways to monetise the content beyond traditional web advertising. “Taking advantage of this new medium, which incorporates the rich engagement features of the web into a mobile touch experience on a larger screen, we can deliver new advertising concepts. Genwi’s Cloud Publish solution enables us to deliver contextual commerce, rich-media advertorials that are geo-location aware, and switch out advertisers or ad units on the fly. We are looking forward to providing a delightful mobile experience for our readers and blazing new trails in the mobile advertising space with Genwi.”

PJ Gurumohan, Founder and CEO, Genwi, added here, “With the power of the cloud, Tweek will save time and production costs by reusing design layouts from week to week – all in standard web-based protocols such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. But, the most groundbreaking aspect of the application is the way it surfaces existing content and takes full advantage of the tablet experience to create higher levels of reader engagement and the flexibility to explore new monetisation channels.”

Given the flexibility of Genwi’s mobile content management system, the partnership with Genwi will allow TIL complete creative freedom and control to deliver a branded magazine-like experience on an app.

Readers will be able to actively shape a magazine. They will be able to connect directly with the writers of Tweek and share their feedback about the stories they enjoyed.


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