STAR CJ Network aims to overcome logistical issues in 2010

STAR CJ Network aims to overcome logistical issues in 2010

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Monday, Feb 01,2010 7:01 AM

STAR CJ Network aims to overcome logistical issues in 2010

STAR CJ Network India may have been in the business for just a few months, but already has more than 300 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and enjoys the support of over 50 brand partners across 30 categories. The 50:50 joint venture between News Corp-owned Star TV and South Korean firm CJ 0 Shopping had launched its home shopping shows on STAR Utsav channel last year.

The products range from kitchen equipment to luxury brands. Some of the brands that are present on STAR CJ Network include Hidesign, Satya Paul, Jashn, Toni & Guy, Magpie and Adidas, among others.

Paritosh Joshi, CEO, STAR CJ Network India, said that this was the first year for them and the first year always had many memorable milestones. “We want to be visualised as a department store on television,” he said.

The core target group is SEC A and B and it caters to audiences in cities such as Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik, and more recently, in the North like Haryana and Chandigarh. Joshi informed that the network had got a lot of calls from other smaller centres, however, they were yet to start deliveries in these smaller centres.

One of the key challenges that a set-up like STAR CJ Network faces is logistics and accessibility to the products that the consumer wants to purchase. For instance, a consumer in a small town might want to purchase a car, he might have the resources and information about the product, but he might not have direct access to the car’s dealership.

Joshi is quite upbeat about the rise of home shopping in India and saw no threat from online shopping. He maintained, “In fact, people who are in their late 40s are a little technophobic, while people in smaller towns turn to the television to gather basic info about a product.”

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