Sports sites playing a different yet competitive game

Sports sites playing a different yet competitive game

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Thursday, Jun 19,2008 8:43 AM

Sports sites playing a different yet competitive game

Sports websites are driven by a mission to serve fans with a one-stop destination for real time, comprehensive, authoritative and innovative content. Each site’s goal is to serve fans across all platforms and provide them the ability to obtain information at their fingertips.

Driven by a similar vision is, which aims to be a one-stop sports content destination. It claims to be the only multi-sport site in South and South-East Asia, offering comprehensive coverage of all major international and regional sports events. The site also includes news, live scores, match updates, standings, photo gallery, polls, expert comments and analysis, in addition to video and audio clips, wherever possible.

According to Sanjay Kailash, Executive Vice President - Ad Sales, Business Development & New Media, ESPN Software India Pvt Ltd, “The new will help us grow the ESPN-STAR Sports relationship with sports fans across markets. At the same time, it would give our clients multiple opportunities and a lot of flexibility to effectively target and communicate with their audiences across markets to better meet their brand objectives.”

Kailash added that the website and the properties around it were mostly promoted through the channel’s on-air promotions and online search marketing. “We make use of RSS feeds, and our website is also an integral part of all our consumer marketing initiatives. The contributions from on-air talent and our media player are the key unique elements of the website offering,” he added.

On the other hand, was launched in April 2004, and it claims that it has been successfully discharging its special responsibility to give balanced and unbiased news without sensationalising, and by carrying different shades of opinion as well.

Pramod Sharma, Scientist 'D', National Informatic Centre-New Delhi, said, “The uniqueness about the website is that it is under the domain of Government sites. We don’t do any publicity to promote our website. It is easy to find stories on the site. Although most of the news websites are our competitors, we still do not undertake offline activities or contests or merchandising.”

Another player in this segment is, which aims at adding entertainment to sports. Keeping in mind that sports viewership has seen a tremendous increase in the last two years, the need for a private Indian sports channel has also gone up, and this is the rationale behind

“You will see the difference – from our programming to presentation. We are presenting sports in a never-before manner, the way it deserves to be – zestful, feisty and young,” said company officials.

The officials added that since regular run-of-the-mill sports capsules and shows were passé, Zee had made that successful attempt in changing the face of sports entertainment.

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