Spinz Deo launches gaming contest with Sify.com

Spinz Deo launches gaming contest with Sify.com

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Wednesday, Aug 15,2007 9:19 AM

Spinz Deo launches gaming contest with Sify.com

CavinKare Group’s Spinz Deodorant has recently launched a gaming contest in association with Sify.com. The contest ‘Are you Game’ has two games based on Spinz, and are being displayed on the main page of Sify.com.

One of the games is a puzzle, while the other is a scramble of stills from a television commercial. The person who manages to complete either of the games in the shortest time will be the winner for the day. The highest scorer for either game for each day will get a goody bag from Spinz. Additionally, one bumper prize winner having the highest score for the month will win an Ipod from Spinz.

This contest started on July 24 and will end on August 24. Sify has taken an aggressive promotion route for the contest by putting up banners and blurbs on the site. However, Spinz is not doing any promotions for this contest.

Soumik Chakraborthy, Group Product Manager, CavinKare, said, “Spinz is a primarily a youthful brand targetted at the age group of 15 to 20. These days, people spend a lot of time on online gaming, and hence we decided to target the youth through this online gaming contest.”

According to Chakraborthy, there are two types of gamers: the series gamers who go to game parlours and spend two to three hours, while the others are casual gamers. But the current youth is quite involved into casual gaming. “Casual gaming is playing a game while logged on to the Internet, to freshen up the mind. We were seeing that as a great opportunity as it helps to break the clutter,” he explained.

This first such attempt where CavinKare has tied up with Sify and created a game of their own which is being hosted by the latter. Overwhelmed by the response to this contest, CavinKare is planning more such activities and would be promoting them through various media.

Chakraborthy added, “Spinz Deodorant caters to a varied audience, thereby making Sify an ideal choice. In the first two days of our activity we have got 11,000 clicks, which is around 1.5 per cent click through rate. Cost per interaction is around Rs 10, which is economical compared to any other medium.”

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