South Australian Tourism Commission embarks on digital campaign

South Australian Tourism Commission embarks on digital campaign

Author | Priyanka Nair | Friday, Nov 25,2011 8:11 AM

South Australian Tourism Commission embarks on digital campaign

South Australian Tourism Commission has launched its new ‘Score-a-Ton’ campaign across an array of digital platforms that offers two all expense paid trips to watch the 2012 cricket series between India and Australia. It also strives to educate the Indian traveler on destinations and attractions that South Australia has to offer. The ‘Score-a-Ton’ campaign has been conceptualised and managed by Indigo Consulting.

The campaign will be run entirely on Facebook. Using ‘cricket’ which is widely regarded as a common passion shared between India and Australia, the campaign comprises of a quiz and has an ambassadorial touch to it as well. Users will be awarded with points on answering questions correctly along with interacting with the brand on Facebook. The users with the maximum scores win a shot at an all expense paid trip to watch a match between India and Australia at the Adelaide Oval.

The campaign, devised by Indigo Consulting, is driven across various digital platforms and will include a website, mobile site, Facebook page, YouTube channel, brand page on Foursquare, PPC campaigns and email marketing to drive its message to the target audience.

Speaking on the new digital campaign, Vinod Advani, South Australian Tourism Ambassador in India, said, “It is part of our marketing strategy in India to engage the attention of our target audience spread across a multi-cultural, multi-lingual country. We feel that such targeting is not possible through print media, or through TV, since that definitely goes out to a much more diffused audience. That’s the reason we are focused on going complete digital.”

Talking about the core concept of the campaign, Arjun Siva, Manager, Business Development said, “The difference in this campaign is that we are rewarding users not just for answering the questions correctly, but also for their loyalty to the brand on Facebook. With a view to driving prolonged engagement, the new campaign will be rewarding users for spending more time with the brand. The campaign will focus on initiating interactions between the South Australia brand and the ‘India Loves South Australia’ Facebook page. We are focusing on creating awareness about what South Australia has to offer as a tourist destination.”

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