Soch.la, social network for cricket launched

Soch.la, social network for cricket launched

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Mar 16,2011 9:15 AM

Soch.la, social network for cricket launched

A new social network, called Soch.la has announced its launch, and unlike other networks, this one has a unique focus on cricket. According to the company, the network aims to provide an opportunity to connect to other people who love the game, and share knowledge and cheer on your team together.

The company has been formed by three IIT alums, who created it out of a discussion where they wanted to see how they can have more fun around the World Cup. The three were able to make the platform live within a month, and have been evolving it since then, to try and maximise the value of the platform.

The ‘network’ requires users to log in using their Facebook ids, and in many ways represents a chatroom or a Facebook page, which raises the question of why it isn't just one of these things.

Co-founder of Soch.la, Pradeep Chopra, said, “We’ve always believed in creating something which is useful for us first and then making it available to others. This time, we got a reason to fulfill our passion for Cricket through Soch.la.” Through its cricket centric focus, it's possible that the convenience offered by Soch.la might well make it a destination for many, as it might represent the point of most convenience, just as the Facebook login does – as users don't have to create and remember additional passwords this way.

As a second screen experience the company might well be on to something, though clearly even in its current form there is a need for a lot of polish and further evolution.

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