TODAY´S NEWS user base doubles in 6 months; Focuses on content for young women user base doubles in 6 months; Focuses on content for young women

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A- user base doubles in 6 months; Focuses on content for young women

Six-year old women’s portal,, has claimed that its user base has doubled over the last six months. Several initiatives focused on women’s community, and specifically targeted at younger users, seem to have clinched it for the portal, which is also the official women’s channel of

Almost a year ago, started an online directory of home-based businesses for women. The listing is free and covers both B2B and B2C businesses. The portal claims to have an active community there.

“Very recently, we launched the young mentoring panel based on the insight that a 20-year old is more likely to listen to a 30-year old rather than listen to a 50-year old. The response has been overwhelming. Whenever we have introduced something focused on the younger audience, the response has been exceptional,” said Nirmal Mirza, CEO,

The portal claims to have a base of 250,000 registered users, up from 125,000 just six months ago. The portal enjoys three million page views per month, with people from nearly 97 countries visiting the site. Mirza added that the base of registered users was set to touch 500,000 by the end of 2006.

The portal will be launching in the next two weeks. The new portal targets women looking to work from home or part time jobs. A soft skills course designed by SitaGita will be offered free online, which is expected to take off by December-end 2005.

Mirza further said, “We’ve been growing steadily since we broke even two years ago. We’ve hung in there for six years and established a huge brand value. We’re engaged in leveraging it in many possible ways now.”

On the possibility of e-commerce on, she said, “I am not sure it will happen by 2006. We’re open to innovating and are open to opportunities, but there is no top-of-mind plan on that nor on going offline through a print publication.”

Though magazines haven’t been considered till date, the possibility is not being discounted if suitable partnership opportunities are discovered. Books have been part of the agenda, and a series of self development books have been published – another branding channel for SitaGita.

On the agenda in 2006 is an offline seminar series, aligned to the content on the site. Plans are also afoot to provide content designed for the NRI women audience, under ‘Women Overseas’.

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