TODAY´S NEWS launches ‘Fire n Ice’ viral campaign launches ‘Fire n Ice’ viral campaign

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Feb 21,2008 6:26 AM

A- launches ‘Fire n Ice’ viral campaign

Buoyed by its successful ad campaign targeted the metropolitan user, has now launched a new viral campaign termed ‘Fire n Ice’, to consolidate it as “India’s only metromonial site”. The creative has been conceptualised by Bobby Pawar, National Creative Director, Mudra, while the animation has been designed by Vivekanand Roy and Gautam Singh.

Elaborating on the viral campaign, Rajat Gandhi, Business Head,, said, “Keeping in mind the metro-centric approach of, our latest viral campaign follows the same route of wit and quick humour reflecting the youths’ mindset and their varying perspectives towards each other during their relationship.”

The viral creative is purely visual, with the animation visuals expressing everything and a romantic soundtrack. This effectively communicates across language barriers and whoever watches it can understand and relate to it. The viral depicts the complementary relationship between a girl and a boy being made for each other and responding to each other.

The creative portrays the fun and frolic, and encapsulates the highs and lows that all romantic relationships undergo. In the animation, the boy and girl morph into various animals and objects in response to each other – sometimes as a flower to a honeybee and sometimes as cheese to a mouse, finally culminating in a witty take on ‘the frog and the princess’ fable, depicting the ever-lasting intimacy between the two protagonists.

Mudra’s Bobby Pawar said, “The brief we got from the client was that there are different kinds of relationships in urban marriages. This site helps people getting married in a simple and a faster manner.”

“The viral describes that marriage is an interplay of relationship, egos, and love between two couples. We play different roles in a relationship. The viral is all about capturing that scene. We have created a microsite, where a person can view the viral as well as on,” added Pawar.

The graphic also has a link, which lets viewers send it to their soulmates, which is a great way of expressing love by sharing their feelings through the animated video.

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