's dowry calculator strikes the right chord on social media's dowry calculator strikes the right chord on social media

Author | Ankur Singh | Thursday, May 28,2015 8:01 AM

A-'s dowry calculator strikes the right chord on social media

In an initiative by in partnership with NGO Stree Mukti Sanghatana, the matrimonial website has launched a segment on their homepage that will calculate the amount of dowry a person deserves based on their education qualifications, salary, etc. received quite a few disgusted responses on social media for openly promoting dowry with the ‘dowry calculator’. However, soon enough people found out the truth behind the website’s so-called open promotions.

Instead of the dowry amount, a slot machine calculator appears on the screen and the numbers keep changing until it settles on the number 91202.

India has been fighting the dowry battle for as long as one can remember. There is no question about how difficult it is to change the mentality of society when it comes to this. It is probable that a prospective dowry seeker will simply be irritated that wasted his time. It is also likely that the matrimonial site, in the process of bringing out a societal change, might have pushed away a lot of its old-school clientele.

However, the fact that the brand is bold enough to stand for a societal imbalance such as this is commendable. Social media enthusiasts surely seem to think so. Here are a few excerpts:

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