SEraja launches EventWeb from Bangalore

SEraja launches EventWeb from Bangalore

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Tuesday, May 16,2006 6:58 AM

SEraja launches EventWeb from Bangalore

SEraja Technologies has unveiled ‘The EventWeb’, www.seraja.com. With the site -- a combination of an Event Blog and a Wiki of events -- users can experience events through multimedia, regardless of where they are.

SEraja packs a variety of simple tools for users to publish and experience events online. The EventWeb enables users across the globe to publish, search, view and experience events across a wide mosaic of topics -- from business to religion, sports, arts, entertainment, travel, technology. The usage could be for personal or professional events.

Ramesh Jain, Chairman of SEraja Technologies, said, "We are moving from the document Web to the Event Web. We want to move beyond the Gutenberg legacy and reverse-engineer the environment. You should be able to follow your own course through an event online. With SEraja, you can do this."

SEraja Technologies is a Bangalore-based company that is a part of Rajesh Jain´s Emergic Ecosystem, a group of companies involved in computing innovations that will bridge the digital divide.

The offering is a free site focused towards the non-tech savvy user, letting everyone publish events and share event details with others. Visitors using SEraja can subscribe to or search for interesting events across geographies that can help them plan free time or even further their professional interest.

At the moment, SEraja is focused on Bangalore-based events although it can be used to access a large number of events from across the world. The current database has approximately 40,000 events -- a number that is likely to grow exponentially as users begin to publish their events on SEraja, said a company release.

It uses an open publishing system, making it an easy and democratic platform for everyone to participate. It enables community participation via comments, annotations and tagging.

SEraja - The EventWeb is the brainchild of Donald Bren Professor, Ramesh Jain, at the University of California, Irvine, and entrepreneur Rajesh Jain. Ramesh Jain has been associated with Praja, Virage Inc. and ImageWare Inc. Rajesh Jain is known as the founder of IndiaWorld, the largest collection of India-centric websites in 1995 that he later sold to Satyam Infoway.

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