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Saregama India launches digital kiosks to sell music

Saregama India launches digital kiosks to sell music

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Sep 07,2007 10:08 AM

Saregama India launches digital kiosks to sell music

Saregama India has found an innovative medium to sell its music to the ‘mobile’ consumers with their digital kiosks. Currently launched in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, in association with Nokia stores, the 25 kiosks have a music library comprising nearly 30,000 tracks, selling the tracks at Rs 12 per download.

Gavin Dabero, Head of Marketing, Saregama, said, “Saregama’s sole purpose to launch these kiosks was to explore new media opportunities.”

Consumers need to connect to the kiosk using USB cords and download the songs on to their music devices after paying the price for each download.

An official communiqué stated that Saregama India Ltd was the sole content provider of all major music companies like EMI Virgin, Venus, HOM Records and other major national players in the industry for this initiative.

In 2004, music from Saregama’s catalogue was made available for digital download on global sites like iTunes, MSN Music, Napster, Real Networks, Musicmatch, Virgin Digital, eMusic Sound Buzz, etc. They have also launched the Saregama Mobitune card, which enables users to select three ring tones in polyphonic, monophonic and true tone format in various categories.

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