#SalmanVerdict takes over the internet

#SalmanVerdict takes over the internet

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, May 07,2015 9:17 AM

#SalmanVerdict takes over the internet

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was sentenced to 5 years in prison yesterday for the hit and run incident that occurred back in 2002. No marks for guessing that the internet took it upon itself to either feel vindicated about the slow moving judiciary finally passing a judgement or expressing support for the actor.

"Till 11PM on May 6, 2015, our social media listening tool Meltwater Buzz tracked more than 79,000 conversations on the story. We found that 62% of the conversations came from women. Needless to say that Salman has a worldwide fan base and which reflected by all means over social media as 69% of the conversations came from India, followed by Turkey, United States of America, Pakistan and UAE respectively," said Zubair Timol, Director, India, Middle East & Africa of Meltwater.

Some of the hashtags that were trending yesterday, according to market research firm Simplify360, were #SalmanJudgementDay - 8,623, #WeLoveYouSalmanKhan - 26,143, #SalmanKhan - 22,552, #SalmanVerdict - 200,868.
Surprisingly enough, nearly 95 per cent of the mentions were neutral with more or less the same percentage of positive and negative comments, said Simplify360.

"We browsed through over 250,000 editorial publications worldwide to track the story in mainstream media and it was amazing to find that more than 5000 articles have been published related to Salman's Verdict around the globe in the past 12 hours. More than 1,600 articles were published by Indian Media and more than 1,500 hundred articles were published in the USA by 11 PM on the 6th of May 2015," said Timol.

"Considering the huge fan base of Salman Khan, people in large numbers expressed their support for him on social media, the close rapport he has built with the Bollywood fraternity resulted in a high number of celebrities tweeting against the judgement.  On a broader level the conversations regarding the Indian Judiciary system, equality and the fairness between rich / poor has been overwhelmingly positive. It will be interesting to see the sentiment and tone of online conversations develop during the next few days, as we enter another phase of this topic," added Timol.

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