RK Swamy BBDO’s HRDirectionOnline.com to invest Rs 7 cr over 3 years

RK Swamy BBDO’s HRDirectionOnline.com to invest Rs 7 cr over 3 years

Author | Tuhina Anand | Tuesday, Aug 26,2008 8:09 AM

RK Swamy BBDO’s HRDirectionOnline.com to invest Rs 7 cr over 3 years

With the emphasis on internal communications becoming integral to any HR manager, RK Swamy BBDO has taken a step forward in this regard with its specialist division HR Direction. Its online avatar, HRDirectionOnline.com, was formally unveiled in Bangalore on August 24, and aims to offer ‘ready-to-use’ HR communication collaterals addressing the issues of employee communication of any organisation.

The company plans to invest a total of Rs 10 crore in this initiative, of which Rs 3 crore has already been invested till now. In the second phase, the company plans to invest Rs 7 crore over the next three years, which will be partly used to provide larger images. The online initiative currently has a database of 1,000 imageries, which would see an addition of 200 creatives every month.

Currently, e-mails and posters can be printed, which have been created in various categories, including Active Life beyond Work and Office, Corporate News, Employee Referral Programmes, Health and Wellness, and Teamwork, among others. In the second phase of its expansion, HRDirectionOnline also sees growth opportunities coming from banks, financial institutions and the retail space.

Srinivasan K Swamy, Chairman and MD, RK Swamy BBDO, said, “Our online service comes at a time when companies are looking to cut costs in their internal communication all over the world. The portal has handy editing tools to customise these ready-to-use communication designs. The site also uses high quality photographs and graphics licensed from Getty Images ensuring the users that they are not violating any copyright laws. It is a cost effective communication available to HR professionals globally.”

Interestingly, HRDirectionOnline is looking at revenues of Rs 100 crore in the next three years. Of this, they are expecting two-thirds of the revenues to come from the West. The company has enlisted Hansa Marketing Services in the US to market the product there and has also appointed an agent in the UK to market the portal. The service is available on subscription, which has five plans – a single purchase of one creative unit will cost Rs 10,000; four creative units are available for Rs 25,000; 15 creative units are available for Rs 75,000; 35 creative units are available for Rs 150,000; and 75 creative units in a year are available for Rs 300,000.

Commenting on the uniqueness of the portal, Arun Kumar, Senior Partner, HR Direction, said, “Over the last six years, we have gained valuable insights on attitudes and behaviour of employees across various industry segments. This collective knowledge has gone into crafting these ready-to-use collaterals.”

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