Revu helps in bringing structured loyalty rewards to marketers

Revu helps in bringing structured loyalty rewards to marketers

Author | Tuhina Anand | Friday, Dec 31,2010 7:51 AM

Revu helps in bringing structured loyalty rewards to marketers

For any marketer creating customer loyalty is a big priority, and this is where a start-up called Revu steps in. Revu is a mobile loyalty and consumer engagement platform and is currently focused on small and medium industry, especially the F&B segment, to develop a mobile based loyal community for each business.

Explaining the concept, Ishwar, Explorer and Co-founder, Revu, said, “Revu is something similar to the Facebook and Twitter community, except for the fact that it’s totally on mobile. It works on the premise of making a community of consumers more loyal and engaged. To develop this mobile based community, we have a loyalty programme minus the cards and everything is managed on mobile. The points accrue on the mobile and instead of making consumers carry an extra card for every place they go, we help them in accumulating rewards.”

He further said, “Card fatigue is a huge problem for consumers as it’s a pain to carry cards, and for companies too it’s an issue as they don’t know if it will be carried while shopping or dumped somewhere. We at Revu are tackling the dual problem of businesses wanting to drive loyalty and consumers who go to certain locations and help them in creating value for them.”

Ishwar is of the opinion that structured loyalty programs is missing from a lot of smaller chains. Though these chains are keen on bringing a loyalty rewards system, they don’t know how to go about it.

While Revu aids in creating loyalty programmes for its partners on mobile phones, it also plays another role of using the device to encourage feedbacks and short reviews. These feedbacks are then posted on the homepage of Revu and consumers are encouraged to link these feedbacks to their Twitter and Facebook pages too, thus creating word of mouth marketing and genuine referrals, besides helping them in tracking because of the mobile device. The service is currently available in Bangalore.


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