Reporter’s Diary: The real accolade for virtual

Reporter’s Diary: The real accolade for virtual

Author | Deepika Bhardwaj | Monday, Apr 09,2012 5:49 AM

Reporter’s Diary: The real accolade for virtual

The entire last week I was in a virtual world – not sleeping or dreaming – getting an overdose of gyaan on the digital world. First the exchange4media Indian Digital Media Awards jury process and then two days at India Social 2012.

If 10 years ago, everyone wanted to make it big in real life, today, there is competition to stay ahead in the digital world. The highs and lows of real life and the achievements after efforts of days and years are now sufficed by immediate appreciations or ‘Likes’ online. Remember that snap of yours on Facebook, which got hundreds of ‘Likes’ and comments? It was the talk of town for few days after all... and that tweet of yours that got retweeted like crazy on Twitter! The small little ‘virtual’ achievements are now defining our everyday happiness.

Being someone who writes on the industry, I wonder why aren’t we able to replicate the same achievements at global platforms. We had no show in the Cyber Lions category at Cannes last year and at AdFest too, no entry from India could grab an award in this category. So what’s the brouhaha all about? My experience last week makes me feel that the biggest problem in India is the lack of originality. When it comes to digital, I feel the ideas already executed outside have just been adapted to the local audience and we haven’t really applied any science to the medium.

The war as to who can really crack digital – creative agencies, media agencies or the digital agencies has been going on for some time and I am not really sure who will actually lead the medium. But one thing I am quite sure of is – until we have creativity and innovation and originality in the digital work we produce, we wouldn’t reach anywhere. Kolaveri became such a phenomenon because it was original and refreshing!

If we can replicate (pun intended) Kolaveri in our ‘virtual’ work too, I am confident the awards and appreciation will start pouring in for ‘Real.’

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