Reporter’s Diary: Just a click away…

Reporter’s Diary: Just a click away…

Author | Priyanka Nair | Saturday, Jan 05,2013 9:05 PM

Reporter’s Diary: Just a click away…

It might often sound that I am one of those who believe in the cliché – ‘I am, what I am’ through the way I express myself in the virtual world. Well, who doesn’t think that way? It’s all about the way you express it.

Gone are the days when people use to think twice before expressing their opinions on open forums such as letters to the editor, readers’ columns, and so on.

With the changing media scenario, common people today have a range of options to express their opinions on anything under the sun. Citizen journalism, as some call, has changed the way public issues are dealt with today.

With growing penetration of new age media in the country, there is a new dynamic platform that has been adopted and labelled by people as ‘the feel free to express space’.

In the process, I wonder if we are over-using the space. The real world is slowly turning to this virtual reality that everyone wants to be seen in and recognised.

If a national issue erupts, the first thing that people do is to log in, tweet, post and share it. Social is where conversations are built and people endorse themselves.

Expressions have now turned into opinion creations, thanks to social. People on social today consider that commenting on an issue would create a visibility that they have never experienced before. Well, if that is the case, media will have a tough time in the long run.

Digital interactivity will be what traditional media will have to opt for soon. Monitoring the virtual world will the next top priority for traditional media.

The meaning of communication has changed too, with social entering our lives. Today, all of us love to share those moments of life on platforms where 100 others can view, like and comment.

So here I am, a digital reporter typing down my words of wisdom, as I would consider on my email page. I wish I was part of the era where I could use the typewriter or a pen and paper to write down my story. With auto correct, I feel safe, and once this is live on the site, I will too endorse my work just a click away...

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