Reporter’s Diary: It’s just a tweet away

Reporter’s Diary: It’s just a tweet away

Author | Priyanka Nair | Saturday, May 12,2012 7:51 PM

Reporter’s Diary: It’s just a tweet away

Gone are the days when one had to wait for one’s morning newspaper to get the details of any breaking news. Now, thanks to new media, breaking news is spotted and flushed out in a microsecond. There are celebrities in town who wish to break an announcement on the social media platform. So what exactly is this new media trying to generate a quick new communication channel or just add a rage in the existing breaking news era or is it playing the role of social catalyst?

Let me substantiate the possible possibilities that this new media is rolling out. A good friend of mine was recently listed on the 94th position in the top 100 Influencers’ list on social media in India on the basis of a digital agency analysis. My friend, a senior copy writer with a digital agency, spends his active working hours tweeting about the brands that he is in charge of and in his non-active working hours, he tweets about anything that comes to his mind in a minute’s span. What became his profession is now slowing creating a new virtual identity for him, a new way of communication and an active presence of mind. It is acting as a GQ (glamour quotient) to his profile.

During a recent youth marketing forum, Simon Smith, Digital Director, Interbrand, mentioned that digital media is creating the power of one. According to him, power of one is about individuals and about acceptance. Brands and consumers are fundamentally changing, but what remains the same is the way individuals are at various levels in life. It’s the new communication channels that have made the changes.

At the societal level, social media is acting as a voice for many. For example, ‘Satyamev Jayate’, Aamir Khan’s debut television show, had the entire nation glued not just to their TV sets, but also clogging Twitter timelines. When the show was on air, seven out of 10 trending topics on Twitter revolved around ‘Satyamev Jayate’. It is becoming an open forum, wherein anyone can express their opinions at various levels. However, this comes with a disadvantage in that so far, there is no digital censorship tool and anyone can come up with anything at anytime.

Social media has opened up a new communication era giving new virtual identities, which is helping many tweeteorites to increase their GQ with a bunch of norms attached to it. There is always a debate round any new social revolution, but this revolution will go a long way. In fact, it is just a tweet away.

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